Deformation and fracture of oxides fabricated on 304L stainless steel via pulsed laser irradiation

Samantha K. Lawrence, Douglas D. Stauffer, Ryan C. Major, David P. Adams, William W. Gerberich, David F. Bahr, Neville R. Moody

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Localized heating of metals and alloys using a focused laser beam in ambient atmosphere produces dielectric oxide layers that have characteristic optical appearances including different colors. Nanoindentation probed the deformation and fracture of laser-fabricated oxides on 304L stainless steel. Conductive nanoindentation measured electrical contact resistance (ECR) of the same colored oxides indicating a correlation between laser exposure, conductance during loading, current-voltage (I-V) behavior at constant load, and indentation response. Microscopy and X-ray diffraction examined the microstructure and chemical composition of the oxides. Combining techniques provides a unique approach for correlating mechanical behavior and the resulting performance of the films in conditions that cause wear.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationProperties and Processes at the Nanoscale - Nanomechanics of Material Behavior
Number of pages6
StatePublished - 2012
Event2011 MRS Fall Meeting - Boston, MA, United States
Duration: Nov 28 2011Dec 2 2011

Publication series

NameMaterials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
ISSN (Print)0272-9172


Other2011 MRS Fall Meeting
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CityBoston, MA

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Basic Research Award # IACRO 10-4257I, to Washington State University sub-contracted through Sandia National Laboratories, and NSF Grant NSF/DMR-0946337. Sandia National Laboratories is a multiprogram laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000. The authors would like to thank Paul Kotula, Mark Rodriguez, Vitalie Stavila, Ryan Nishimoto, Jeff Chames, and Ray Friddle for their work and helpful discussions on microscopy and XRD.


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