Decolonizing Curriculum

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This chapter has evolved from a paper written as an invited keynote talk for the “Articulating the Present (Next) Moment in Curriculum Studies: The Post-Reconceptualization Generation(s)" Conference held at Purdue University in February 2006. As per the theme of the conference, the chapter draws on the tradition-established by the reconceptualists three decades ago-of generating cutting-edge curriculum work (see Miller, 2005; Pinar, 1975), and engages contemporary issues, themes, and theories to interrogate curriculum in a globalized, 21st century context. Specifically, in this chapter, I draw on postcolonial and feminist theories to interrogate how and why the curricula of “us” and “them” (in terms of race, class, gender, nation, and so on) endure in today’s globalized and corporatized educational and social contexts.

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