Critically-oriented pedagogical tact: Learning about and through our compulsions as teacher educators

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The work of critical teacher education centers on making sure future teachers learn to be critically-oriented practitioners. In this article, I assert that this sort of learning must first begin with the critical teacher educators themselves, and that much of the most fruitful learning manifests itself in the teacher educator's compulsions. Drawing on a key finding from a phenomenological study that focused on cultivating pedagogical tact in teaching, I suggest that the ways in which I compulsively strategized at times limited what I could accomplish as a critically-oriented teacher educator; that each of us as teacher educators have compulsions that limit just as much as they make possible; and that our examinations of these compulsions are important for our students' growth as critically-oriented practitioners.

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JournalTeaching Education
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 2011

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  • teacher education curriculum
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