Connectome-scale functional intrinsic connectivity networks in macaques

Wei Zhang, Xi Jiang, Shu Zhang, Brittany R. Howell, Yu Zhao, Tuo Zhang, Lei Guo, Mar M. Sanchez, Xiaoping Hu, Tianming Liu

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There have been extensive studies of intrinsic connectivity networks (ICNs) in the human brains using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in the literature. However, the functional organization of ICNs in macaque brains has been less explored so far, despite growing interests in the field. In this work, we propose a computational framework to identify connectome-scale group-wise consistent ICNs in macaques via sparse representation of whole-brain resting-state fMRI data. Experimental results demonstrate that 70 group-wise consistent ICNs are successfully identified in macaque brains via the proposed framework. These 70 ICNs are interpreted based on two publicly available parcellation maps of macaque brains and our work significantly expand currently known macaque ICNs already reported in the literature. In general, this set of connectome-scale group-wise consistent ICNs can potentially benefit a variety of studies in the neuroscience and brain-mapping fields, and they provide a foundation to better understand brain evolution in the future.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1-14
Number of pages14
StatePublished - Nov 19 2017

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This work was partially supported by National Institutes of Health (DA033393, AG042599, MH078105, MH078105-04S1, HD055255), National Science Foundation (IIS-1149260, CBET-1302089, BCS-1439051, and DBI-1564736), and Office of Research Infrastructure Programs/OD grant OD11132 (YNPRC Base grant, formerly RR000165). We want to thank Anne Glenn, Christine Marsteller, Dora Guzman, and the staff at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center (YNPRC) Field Station and Imaging Center for the excellent technical support and animal care provided during these studies. The YNPRC is fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care AAALAC), International.

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  • brain function
  • intrinsic connectivity network
  • resting-state fMRI
  • rhesus monkey


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