Mustafijur Rahman, Ramesh Harjani

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The techniques described in this book have immense potential to satisfy the quest for ever increasing power constraint in ultra low power radios for the emerging internet of things and wireless body area networks. The primary impact of these techniques will be on next-generation low power wireless consumer electronics where the data rates will multiply but the power budget for radio will be more constrained demanding longer battery life. Sub-harmonic injection locking is a powerful technique to reduce power consumption of the frequency synthesizer using PLL running at a very low frequency. A higher harmonic may be chosen to run the PLL at even lesser frequency thereby further reducing the power of the synthesizer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationAnalog Circuits and Signal Processing
Number of pages1
StatePublished - 2020

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NameAnalog Circuits and Signal Processing
ISSN (Print)1872-082X
ISSN (Electronic)2197-1854

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