Comparaison des effets d'une coupe fonctionnelle versus une coupe émoussée des onglons sur la posture des truies

Translated title of the contribution: Comparison of blunt versus functional claw trimming effects on sow gait

Amanda K. Tinkle, Mark E. Wilson, Jerry L. Torrison, Michael A. Parsley, Kylee J. Duberstein, Michael J. Azain, C. Robert Dove

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Objective: To determine the effect of functional claw trimming versus blunt claw trimming on the gait of sows. Materials and methods: Nineteen sows (PIC C29) were transported to the research center and claws were trimmed 3 times over an 8-day period. Dewclaws were trimmed even with the coronary band of the hoof on day 1. Claws were blunt trimmed on day 4 and functional trimming occurred on day 8. The gait of each sow was recorded prior to each trimming to compare the effect of the previous trimming. A final gait recording was taken on day 12. The gait data collected from the sows was compared across days to determine if any changes occurred. Results: Positive improvements in gait data were noted after dewclaw trimming. Changes were seen in velocity (P = .03), stride length (P = .02), stride duration (P = .04), stance (P = .04), and rear percent stance (P = .03). Blunt trimming offset the improvement gained by trimming dewclaws, seen in the changes to rear percent stance (P = .02) and front swing (P = .04). Functional trimming increased the improvement observed by trimming dewclaws. Changes were seen in the stance (P < .001), percent stance (P < .001), stride duration (P = .003), stride length (P = .008), and velocity (P = .003). Implications: Trimming dewclaws and functionally trimming claws improved the sow's gait. Blunt trimming did not provide the same benefits observed by trimming dewclaws or functionally trimming the claws.

Translated title of the contributionComparison of blunt versus functional claw trimming effects on sow gait
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)118-123
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Swine Health and Production
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jun 2020

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  • Blunt trimming
  • Claw trimming
  • Functional trimming
  • Gait analysis
  • Swine


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