Circamultiseptan aspect of sudden death: Competing socio-ecological synchronizers: Alcohol and magnetics?

S. Murakami, Germaine G Cornelissen-Guillaume, G. Katinas, G. Mitsutake, K. Otsuka, T. Breus, M. Gigolashvili, B. Fišer, J. Pazdírek, H. Scačinová, J. Siegelová, F. Halberg

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In order to investigate infradian aspects of sudden death, the daily incidence of 70,531 cases recorded in response to a call for an ambulance during 3 years (1979-1981) in Moscow, Russia, were re-analysed, focusing on multiseptans (components with periods of 7 days and/or multiples thereof). Apart from a prominent yearly and half-yearly variation in the daily incidence of sudden death, least squares spectra revealed the presence of about-weekly and two-weekly components. The about 15.2-day variation was validated by nonlinear least squares and shown to differ in period length from that found in the local index of geomagnetic activity, K. This result suggests that apart from any geomagnetic influence on sudden death, changes in lifestyle (such as alcohol consumption) associated with the twice-a-month salary schedule may affect the occurrence of sudden death. Such a component is not prominently seen for the incidence of other cardiovascular conditions recorded in the same database. The weekly pattern of sudden death, peaking on Saturdays, also differs from those of other cardiovascular conditions, characterized by a higher daily incidence on Mondays. The possibility to now record events in cardioverter-defibrillators offers an opportunity to explore broad chronomes of potentially lethal arrhythmia that may lead to a better understanding of underlying triggers, so that novel countermeasures may be designed and implemented.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)67-74
Number of pages8
JournalScripta Medica Facultatis Medicae Universitatis Brunensis Masarykianae
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2005


  • Alcohol intake
  • Circaseptan rhythm
  • Geomagnetic influence
  • Sudden cardiac death


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