Chronic myeloid leukemia

Kapil Bhalla, Celalettin Ustun, Warren Fiskus

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It is estimated that 4,870 new cases of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) will be diagnosed in 2010, representing approximately 11 % of all leukemias (Jemal et al. 2010). The median age of diagnosis reported in 2003-2007 was 65 years of age (Altekruse et al. 2010). The etiology of CML remains unclear; evidence is lacking demonstrating hereditary influence. Individuals who have been exposed to ionizing radiation or benzene are at an increase risk of developing CML (Corso et al. 1995). Other risk factors which have been evaluated include smoking, benzene, and magnetic field exposure (Bjork et al. 2001; Hayes et al. 1997; Kheifets et al. 1997). To date, these are all inconclusive in correlating exposure to acquisition of CML. A recent M.D. Anderson study suggests that adulthood obesity and occupational exposure to agricultural chemicals increase CML risk (Strom et al. 2009).

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Title of host publicationHematologic Cancers
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2012

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