Charged particle density distributions in Au induced interactions with emulsion nuclei at 10.7 A GeV

M. I. Adamovich, M. M. Aggarwal, Y. A. Alexandrov, R. Amirikas, N. P. Andreeva, Z. V. Anzon, R. Arora, F. A. Avetyan, S. K. Badyal, A. M. Bakich, E. S. Basova, I. K. Bazarov, K. B. Bhalla, A. Bhasin, V. S. Bhatia, V. G. Bogdanov, V. Bradnova, V. I. Bubnov, T. H. Burnett, X. CaiD. A. Carshiev, I. Y. Chasnikov, L. P. Chernova, M. M. Chernyavski, S. Dhamija, G. Z. Eligbaeva, L. E. Eremenko, A. S. Gaitinov, E. R. Ganssauge, S. Garpman, S. G. Gerassimov, C. Graf, J. Grote, K. G. Gulamov, S. K. Gupta, V. K. Gupta, B. Jakobsson, L. Just, S. Kachroo, G. S. Kalyachkina, E. K. Kanygina, M. Karabova, S. Kitroo, S. P. Kharlamov, A. D. Kovalenko, S. A. Krasnov, V. Kumar, V. G. Larionova, Y. D. Li, L. S. Liu, S. Lokanatan, J. J. Lord, N. S. Lukicheva, S. B. Luo, L. K. Mangotra, N. A. Marutyan, A. Y. Mashkov, N. V. Maslennikova, I. S. Mittra, S. Mokerjee, S. Z. Nasyrov, V. S. Navotny, J. Nystrand, M. Ochs, G. I. Orlova, I. Otterlund, L. S. Peak, N. G. Peresadko, N. V. Petrov, V. A. Plyushchev, V. V. Rusakova, W. Y. Qian, Y. M. Qin, R. Raniwala, N. K. Rao, M. Roeper, N. Saidkhanov, N. A. Salmanova, L. G. Sarkisova, V. R. Sarkisyan, G. S. Shabratova, A. M. Seitimbetov, C. I. Shakhova, S. N. Shpilev, D. Skelding, K. Söderström, Z. I. Solovjeva, E. Stenlund, L. N. Svechnikova, T. Svensson, M. Tothova, M. I. Tretyakova, T. P. Trofimova, U. I. Tuleeva, B. P. Tursunov, S. Vokal, J. Vrlakova, H. Q. Wang, Z. Q. Weng, R. J. Wilkes, Y. L. Xia, C. B. Yang, D. H. Zhang, P. Y. Zheng, S. I. Zhokhova, D. C. Zhou

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Charged particle pseudorapidity density distributions in Au induced reactions in nuclear emulsion at 10.7 A GeV have been measured. In peripheral events the shower particle distribution exhibits a two peak structure while in central collisions it has a Gaussian shape. The spectator protons appear in the second peak in the pseudorapidity spectra and exhibits a broader momentum distribution than expected from Fermi motion. The produced particle yield in central collisions is not substantially different from phenomenological descriptions based on data from O and S induced reactions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)472-478
Number of pages7
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Jun 15 1995

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The following agenciesa re cordially and gratefully acknowledgedf or their financial support:t he Swedish Natural Science ResearchC ouncil, the Int. Sci. Foundation and the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research,t he German Federal Minister of Research and Technology,t he Departmento f Science and Technology of the Governmento f India, the National Science Foundation of China, the Distinguished Teacher Foundation of the State Education Commission of China, the Fok Ying Tung Education, and the US De-partmento f Energy and the National Science Foundation.


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