Characterization of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strains in vaccinated and non-vaccinated pigs from Spanish slaughterhouses

Laura Garza-Moreno, Joaquim Segalés, Virginia Aragón, Florencia Correa-Fiz, Maria Pieters, Marta Carmona, Roman Krejci, Marina Sibila

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This study aimed to describe Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyopneumoniae) genetic variability in vaccinated (V) and non-vaccinated (NV) slaughtered pigs showing cranio-ventral pulmonary consolidation (CVPC). Ten V and 10 NV fattening farms with respiratory problems associated to M. hyopneumoniae were selected. Lung lesions of one batch per farm were scored at slaughterhouse and the enzootic pneumonia (EP)-index was calculated. Moreover, three lungs showing the most extensive CVPC per farm were sampled and tested for M. hyopneumoniae detection by real-time (rt)-PCR. Positive samples with cycle threshold ≤30 were selected to be genotyped by sequencing of four loci (P97, P146, H1 and H5). Typing profiles (TP) were assigned considering four or two (P97, P146) loci. Five commercial vaccines for M. hyopneumoniae (VS) and two reference strains (RF) were also genotyped. The EP-index (mean ± SD) in NV farms (3.8 ± 1.9) was not significantly different from V ones (2.2 ± 1.3). From the 60 selected lungs, 46 (76.7%) were M. hyopneumoniae positive by rt-PCR (25/30 and 21/30 from NV and V farms, respectively), and 43 (93.5%) of those were successfully genotyped. A total of 24 different TP(12 in V and 12 in NV farms) or 17 TP(9 in V and 9 in NV farms, being one TP in both farm types) were identified by analyzing four or two loci, respectively. One to three TP per farm were detected, being different from VS and RF. Interestingly, farms with same breeding origin had the same TP using two loci, but such link was not found using four loci. Therefore, high inter-farm and limited intra-farm M. hyopneumoniae genetic variability were detected, but variability depended on the number of studied loci.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)18-23
Number of pages6
JournalVeterinary Microbiology
StatePublished - Apr 2019

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Funding Information:
This work was funded by Ceva Santé Animale, Secretaria d’Universitats i Recerca del Departament d’Economia i Coneixement de la Generalitat de Catalunya ( 2015DI078 ). The CERCA Programme (Generalitat de Catalunya) to IRTA is also acknowledged.

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  • Genetic variability
  • Lung lesions
  • Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Vaccination


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