Catalog of the Neotropical Trichoptera (Caddisflies)

Ralph W. Holzenthal, Adolfo R. Calor

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The Neotropical caddisfly (Trichoptera) fauna is cataloged from a review of over 1,000 literature citations through 2015 (partial 2016) to include 3,262 currently recognized, valid species-group names in 25 families and 155 extant genera. Fourteen subspecies are included in the total as well as 35 fossil species and 1 fossil genus. The region covered includes all of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Genus-group and species-group synonyms are listed. For each nominal species, information on the type locality, type depository, sex of type, distribution by country, and other pertinent taxonomic or biological information is included. Summary information on taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution, immature stages, and biology are provided for each family and genus where known. An extensive index to all nominal taxa is included to facilitate use of the catalog. The glossosomatid species Mexitrichia usseglioi Rueda Martín & Gibon, is transferred to Mortoniella comb. n.

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StatePublished - 2017

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We wish to thank the many Trichoptera workers who provided us with citations and copies of their publications during the preparation of this catalog. We also acknowledge their outstanding accomplishments toward the discovery and description of the Neotropical caddisfly fauna, including the descriptions of over 1000 new species since 1999. Dr. John C. Morse and Dr. Patina Mendez, managers of the Trichoptera World Checklist and Trichoptera Literature Database, respectively, are especially acknowleded for their contributions and support. Shannon Farrell and Amy Gmur, University of Minnesota Natural Resources Library, provided invaluable assistance to obtain needed literature. Our colleagues and students, including Dr. Robin E. Thomson, Dr. Roger J. Blahnik, Jolanda Huisman, Luis Ernesto Rázuri Gonzales, Lucas Marcos de Camargos, and Dr. John Luhman, assisted by offering comments on the catalog, checking accuracy of entries and citations, translating papers, and correcting general errors. Dr. Allan Santos and Dr. Blahnik provided very thorough and critical reviews of the manuscript. Dr. Oliver S. Flint, Jr., and Dr. Steven C. Harris, co-authors of the 1999 version of this work, and Dr. Brian J. Armitage, editor of the work, are gratefully acknowledged for their contributions to that effort and for their continuing contributions to our knowledge of the Neotropical caddisfles. This work was supported by the Minnesota Agricuture Experimant Station projects AES 017-17 and AES 017-29. ARC was supported by the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq process 243238/2014), Brazil. This support is gratefully acknowledged

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