CardioVision 2020: A multidisciplinary cardiovascular disease prevention project

T. E. Kottke, V. L. Roger, T. T. Nguyen, L. C. Dale, Jr Burnett, A. J. Tajik

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CardioVision 2020 is a multidisciplinary project organized by the Mayo Clinic Division of Cardiovascular Diseases. The goal of the programme is to minimize the population burden of cardiovascular disease for residents of Olmsted County, MN, U.S.A., by promoting a tobacco-free environment, nutrition habits that minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, and a physically active lifestyle. CardioVision 2020 will provide leadership and facilitate communication to optimize lifestyle choices, risk factor levels and clinical event rates. The lay and medical communities will be provided with information about progress toward the CardioVision 2020 goals, opportunities that might be taken to speed that progress, and encouragement to adopt lifestyles that minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease. A web-based community report card will be maintained; each resident will have access to a personalized web-based expert system to support behaviour change. A cardiovascular disease event simulation programme will be developed to predict and communicate the impact of risk factor and disease treatment changes in the community. A disease register and case-management system will be implemented to assist in identification and treatment of patients with heart disease. Three major campaigns will be launched in the first year: a cholesterol lowering challenge for parents of 5th grade students, a physical activity challenge for the entire population and a smoking cessation challenge for tobacco users. Although each campaign has a different focus, all emphasize the three main CardioVision 2020 goals. CardioVision 2020 will track and report trends in total mortality, mortality from cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery disease mortality, clinical events precipitated by cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular risk factor levels and disease-related quality of life for residents of Olmsted County. Results will be compared with state-wide and national trends to gauge programme effectiveness.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)S14-S18
JournalEuropean Heart Journal, Supplement
Issue numberS
StatePublished - Jan 1 1999


  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Community programmes
  • Prevention


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