Block copolymer ion gels for gas separation applications

Yuanyan Gu, Timothy P. Lodge

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Carbon dioxide removal from light gases (eg. N 2, CH 4, and H 2) is an important technology for applications such as natural gas sweetening, CO 2 recovery from coal-fire power plant exhausts and hydrogen production. In recent years, ionic liquids have received increasing interest in this area because of their highly selective solubility for CO 2 and essentially non-volatility. However, ionic liquid itself cannot stand the high pressure for a gas separation membrane. We report here the development and gas separation performances of physically crosslinked ion gels prepared through self-assembly of ABA-type triblock copolymers in ionic liquids. Three different types of block copolymers have been used to achieve gelation in ionic liquids. These ion gels generally shows a fast gas transportation and improved selectivity for gas separation. Specifically, an triblock copolymer ion gel with a polymerized ionic liquid (PIL) mid-block shows good performances higher than the upper bound of well-known "Robeson Plot" for CO 2/N 2. This presentation will discuss the development of these ion gel materials and compare their separation performances for CO 2/N 2 and CO 2/CH 4 gas pairs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publication11AIChE - 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings
StatePublished - Dec 1 2011
Event2011 AIChE Annual Meeting, 11AIChE - Minneapolis, MN, United States
Duration: Oct 16 2011Oct 21 2011

Publication series

Name11AIChE - 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings


Other2011 AIChE Annual Meeting, 11AIChE
CountryUnited States
CityMinneapolis, MN

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    Gu, Y., & Lodge, T. P. (2011). Block copolymer ion gels for gas separation applications. In 11AIChE - 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings (11AIChE - 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings).