Batteries: The Effect of Porosity

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The following sections are included: Introduction Operation of Lithium-ion Batteries Types of Electrodes What Does Porosity Bring to Batteries? Methods of Preparing Porous Electrodes Soft templating Surfactant templating Emulsion templating Hard templating Nanocasting Colloidal templating Colloidal crystal templating Combined soft and hard templating Bubble templates Ice templating/freeze casting Template free methods Pseudomorphic conversion Dealloying Other template-free processes 3D printing methods Surface functionalization of porous electrodes Classes of Porous Electrodes Porous intercalation electrodes Intercalation cathodes Intercalation anodes Porous alloy electrodes (anodes) Porous conversion electrodes Conversion cathodes Conversion anodes Porous polymer electrodes for LIBs Mesoporous particles in solid polymer electrolytes Related Electrode Materials Sodium-ion batteries Lithium-sulfur batteries Metal-air cells Redox flow batteries Characterization of Porous Electrodes Conclusions References

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