Automated OCT segmentation for images with DME

Sohini Roychowdhury, Dara D. Koozekanani, Michael Reinsbach, Keshab K. Parhi

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Diabetic macular edema (DME) is a leading cause of vision loss in patients with diabetes. The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, there will be 75 million blind people and 314 million partially blind people in the world [1]. While treatments are available, including intravitreal injections and macular laser therapy, not all patients respond to these. Currently, there are no reliable methods for predicting patient response to therapy. Therefore, analysis of the patient images prior to treatment may allow the development of measures to predict patient response. Computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) systems enable automated detection of ophthalmic pathological sites, monitoring the progression of pathology, and can guide follow-up treatment processes. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) images have been widely used to assess macular diseases, and they have enabled analysis of the extent of disorganization in the sub-retinal layers due to DME [2,3]. Sub-retinal layer disorganization refers to the variation in the underlying retinal microstructure due to the presence of cystoid regions or to disruptions in the cellular architecture of the sub-retinal layers due to pathology [4]. For each patient’s eye under analysis, a stack of images centered at the macula are acquired, such that reconstruction of the sub-retinal surfaces from the OCT image stacks aid localization of disease-related abnormalities in the retinal microstructure. In this work, a CAD system is presented that automatically segments sub-retinal surfaces and layers in OCT image stacks from normal patients and abnormal ones with DME, such that thickness maps corresponding to the sub-retinal layers can be further analyzed for their clinical relevance to the severity of DME.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationMedical Image Analysis and Informatics
Subtitle of host publicationComputer-Aided Diagnosis and Therapy
PublisherCRC Press
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)9781498753203
ISBN (Print)9781498753197
StatePublished - Jan 1 2017

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