Assessing Global Resource Use: A systems approach to resource efficiency and pollution reduction

International Resource Panel, Stefan Bringezu, Anu Ramaswami, Heinz Schandl, Megan O'Brien, Rylie E Pelton, Ajay S Nagpure

Research output: Book/ReportOther report

59 Scopus citations
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherUnited Nations Environment Programme
Commissioning bodyInternational Resource Panel
StatePublished - 2017

Bibliographical note

IRP (2017). Assessing global resource use: A systems approach to resource efficiency and pollution reduction. Bringezu, S., Ramaswami, A., Schandl, H., O’Brien, M., Pelton, R., Acquatella, J., Ayuk, E., Chiu, A., Flanegin, R., Fry, J., Giljum, S., Hashimoto, S., Hellweg, S., Hosking, K., Hu, Y., Lenzen, M., Lieber, M., Lutter, S., Miatto, A., Singh Nagpure, A., Obersteiner, M., van Oers, L., Pfister, S., Pichler, P., Russell, A., Spini, L., Tanikawa, H., van der Voet, E., Weisz, H., West, J., Wiijkman, A., Zhu, B., Zivy, R. A Report of the International Resource Panel. United Nations Environment Programme. Nairobi, Kenya

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