R. P. Schulte, S. L. Larsen, G. B. Sheble, J. W. Wrubel, B. F. Wollenberg

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This paper is one of a series for use in Current Operational Problems (COPS) Forums with the goal of focusing attention on problems faced by electric utility operators. These notes describe the problems and the complexity of solution to the problems. The short note papers presented describe the spectrum of power system operating problems that are believed to be good candidates for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. The first note lists many of these applications and discusses their characteristics and why they are candidates for AI. The second describes an existing application that uses a knowledge base derived from operator experience. The third describes a research project now being conducted toward solving the alarm processing problem and the last note introduces some of the problems to be encountered in implementing AI in an energy management system.

Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jan 1 1986

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    Schulte, R. P., Larsen, S. L., Sheble, G. B., Wrubel, J. W., & Wollenberg, B. F. (1986). ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS TO POWER SYSTEM OPERATING PROBLEMS..