Aroma Encapsulation and Controlled Delivery

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The area of protecting and delivering aroma compounds in a food application is most challenging. At this time, well over 8000 aroma compounds have been found in nature and they vary widely in physical and chemical properties which makes their protection and delivery very problematic (evaporation and chemical reactivity). Thus, one attempts to design encapsulation systems that protect the key aroma compounds but yet deliver them when needed using cost-effective and legally approved materials and methodologies. This chapter provides strategies used to accomplish these goals. Overviews of materials and methods used in encapsulation and controlled delivery are presented. The final section offers insights into unmet needs in this area.

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StatePublished - 2017

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  • Aroma Compound
  • Encapsulation Process
  • Ethyl Decanoate
  • Flavor Release
  • Maillard Reaction


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