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Please refer to link on right for journal articles. "The Fountain of Youth" (2013) "Revisiting a Museum" (2013) "The Heart of our Cities" (2013) "Ground Control" (2012) "Health(y) Research" (2012) "Behind the Big Screen" (2012) "Urban Renewal Becomes Urban Fabric" (2012) "A Waterfront to Watch" (2012) "The Little Building That Could" (2012) "Chile House" (2012) "Lerner meets Lutyens" (2011) "Density is Destiny" (2011) "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" (2011) "Karoo Wilderness Center, Field Architecture" (2011) "Below Ground Bookstores" (2011) "America: China's Branch Office?" (2011) "Shell Game" (2009) "Providence in Providence" (2009) "The Zero becomes a Plus" (2009) "The Hilltown Mega Structure" (2009) "The Best Betts" (2009) "Urban Nucleus" (2009) "Take me to the Mountain" (2009) "Into the Woods" (2009) "A View from the Bridge" (2009) "Between Islam and the West" (2009) "Rankled by Rankings" (2006) "Designing for the Disadvantaged" (2006) "Architecture's Public Health" (2006) "The Museum of Chance" (2005) "Rapson Rules" (2005) "Body Art of Buildings" (2005) "Moore and More" (2003) "Have Laptop Will Travel" (2003) "Architecture in the Cross" (2003) "Honorable Intentions" (2003) "The Excluded Middle" (2002) "An Uncommon Community" (2001) "The Place of Precedent" (2000) "Icing an Icon" (2000) "In the Garden of Time" (2000)
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JournalArchitect Magazine
StatePublished - 2013

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