Arabidopsis SGT1b is required for SCFTIR1-mediated auxin response

William M. Gray, Paul R. Muskett, Huey Wen Chuang, Jane E. Parker

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The SCFTIR1 complex is a central regulator of the auxin response pathway in Arabidopsis. This complex functions as a ubiquitin protein ligase that targets members of the auxin/indoleacetic acid (Aux/IAA) family of transcriptional regulators for ubiquitin-mediated degradation in response to auxin. In an attempt to identify additional factors required for SCFTIR1 activity, we conducted a genetic screen to isolate enhancers of the auxin response defect conferred by the tir1-1 mutation. Here, we report the identification and characterization of the eta3 mutant. The eta3 mutation interacts synergistically with tir1-1 to strongly enhance all aspects of the tir1 mutant phenotype, including auxin inhibition of root growth, lateral root development, hypocotyl elongation at high temperature, and apical dominance. We isolated the ETA3 gene using a map-based cloning strategy and determined that ETA3 encodes SGT1b. SGT1b was identified recently as a factor involved in plant disease resistance signaling, and SGT1 from barley and tobacco extracts was shown to interact with SCF ubiquitin ligases. We conclude that ETA3/SGT1b is required for the SCFTIR1-mediated degradation of Aux/IAA proteins.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1310-1319
Number of pages10
JournalPlant Cell
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 2003


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