Application of response surface methodology for the biosorption of Acid Blue 25 dye using raw and HCl-treated macroalgae

Ehsan Daneshvar, Masoud Kousha, Mohammad Salar Sohrabi, Bardia Panahbehagh, Amit Bhatnagar, Habibollah Younesi, Steven P.K. Sternberg

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The present study was conducted to optimize the various experimental conditions, such as biomass loading, initial C.I. Acid Blue 25 (AB25) dye concentration, and initial solution pH for biosorption of dye on raw and HCl-treated brown alga, Padina australis and red alga, Jania adhaerens. Biosorption process was optimized in a batch system under Box–Behnken design. Second-order polynomial equation was successfully used to describe the effects of studied variables on response. The quadratic models exhibited higher R2 values, significant p-values, and insignificant lack-of-fit p-values showed high adequacy for predicting the response. Chemically modified red alga exhibited better AB25 dye biosorption capacity as compared to modified brown alga. Maximum dye removal efficiencies of 77.34, 71.28, 50.56, and 85.19% for P. australis, HCl-treated P. australis, J. adhaerens, and HCl-treated J. adhaerens, respectively, were obtained at optimal conditions. The surface modification on tested algal biomass was found to be strongly dependent on their cell wall constituents.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1710-1723
Number of pages14
JournalDesalination and Water Treatment
Issue number6
StatePublished - Feb 6 2015

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This work financially supported by Student Affairs of Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan Water and Sewage Company and Isfahan Municipality. The authors also would like to thank Isfahan University of Technology students Alireza Esmaeili and Hakimeh Dopeikar and for their help in laboratory. Also, we thank the refinery assistants Ahmad Safari and Hossein Tahviliyan.

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  • Acid Blue 25 dye
  • Biosorption
  • Chemical modification
  • Macroalgae
  • Response surface methodology


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