Anisotropic moisture diffusion study on refined paper

A. Massoquete, S. Lavrykov, B. V. Ramarao, A. Goel, S. Ramaswamy

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Moisture diffusion in paper is characterized by diffusivities in the pore space and fiber matrix (Dp and Dq). These were estimated for paper sheets from steady state moisture flux measurements. Lateral (xy) diffusion was higher than diffusion in the transverse (z) direction. The diffusivity in the void space was inversely proportional to the refining level of the pulps. However, no significant effects were found on the condensed moisture diffusivity and on the sorption isotherms.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages5
StatePublished - 2003
Event2003 International Paper Physics Conference - Victoria, BC, Canada
Duration: Sep 7 2003Sep 11 2003


Other2003 International Paper Physics Conference
CityVictoria, BC


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