An improved atomizer with high output of nanoparticles

Min Tang, Sheng Chieh Chen, David Y Pui

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Filtration efficiency test of nanofibrous media requires particle generator to produce particles with small count median diameter (CMD) and high production rate. In EN 1822-5 standard, material recommended for particle generation is diethylhexylsebacyte (DEHS) due to its low volatility and stability. To obtain stable particle size and safe operation environment, it is preferred to use pure DEHS rather than solution with DEHS dissolved in solvent. In this work, two methods were used to reduce size of particles from pneumatic atomizer: mesh attachment and quick dilution. The results showed that the mesh can effectively reduce the CMD without compromising particle output, and quick dilution can significantly reduce the CMD with a higher particle output. By attaching mesh, the nozzle outlet with multiple holes can take advantage of smaller nozzle size while keeping enough airflow rate to draw the liquid. The quick dilution can greatly reduce the particle concentration right after spraying, and hence slow down the rate of particle coagulation. With mesh attached and dilution flow rate of 105 L/min, CMD of particles from improved atomizer was 104 nm, which was 56 nm smaller than that of original atomizer, and particle output was 6.30 × 1012 #/min, which was 3 times higher than that of original atomizer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)10-16
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Aerosol Science
StatePublished - Oct 2018

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The authors thank the support of members of the Center for Filtration Research: 3M Corporation, A.O. Smith Company, Applied Materials Inc., BASF Corporation, Boeing Company, Corning Co., China Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City, Cummins Filtration Inc., Donaldson Company, Inc., Entegris, Inc., Ford Motor Company, Guangxi Wat Yuan Filtration System Co., Ltd, MSP Corporation; Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Xinxiang Shengda Filtration Technology Co.,Ltd., TSI Inc., W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Shigematsu Works Co., Ltd., and the affiliate member National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Parts of this work were carried out in the Minnesota Nano Center which receives partial support from NSF through the NNIN program. Parts of this work were carried out in the Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota, which receives partial support from NSF through the MRSEC program.

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