Amphipols from a to Z*

J. L. Popot, T. Althoff, D. Bagnard, J. L. Banéres, P. Bazzacco, E. Billon-Denis, L. J. Catoire, P. Champeil, D. Charvolin, M. J. Cocco, G. Crémel, T. Dahmane, L. M. De La Maza, C. Ebel, F. Gabel, F. Giusti, Y. Gohon, E. Goormaghtigh, E. Guittet, J. H. KleinschmidtW. Kühlbrandt, C. Le Bon, K. L. Martinez, M. Picard, B. Pucci, J. N. Sachs, C. Tribet, C. Van Heijenoort, F. Wien, F. Zito, M. Zoonens

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Amphipols (APols) are short amphipathic polymers that can substitute for detergents to keep integral membrane proteins (MPs) water soluble. In this review, we discuss their structure and solution behavior; the way they associate with MPs; and the structure, dynamics, and solution properties of the resulting complexes. All MPs tested to date form water-soluble complexes with APols, and their biochemical stability is in general greatly improved compared with MPs in detergent solutions. The functionality and ligand-binding properties of APol-trapped MPs are reviewed, and the mechanisms by which APols stabilize MPs are discussed. Applications of APols include MP folding and cell-free synthesis, structural studies by NMR, electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction, APol-mediated immobilization of MPs onto solid supports, proteomics, delivery of MPs to preexisting membranes, and vaccine formulation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)379-408
Number of pages30
JournalAnnual Review of Biophysics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jun 9 2011


  • amphipathic polymers
  • membrane biochemistry
  • membrane biophysics
  • membrane proteins

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    Popot, J. L., Althoff, T., Bagnard, D., Banéres, J. L., Bazzacco, P., Billon-Denis, E., Catoire, L. J., Champeil, P., Charvolin, D., Cocco, M. J., Crémel, G., Dahmane, T., De La Maza, L. M., Ebel, C., Gabel, F., Giusti, F., Gohon, Y., Goormaghtigh, E., Guittet, E., ... Zoonens, M. (2011). Amphipols from a to Z*. Annual Review of Biophysics, 40(1), 379-408.