Ambulatory device for urinary incontinence detection in females.

Dan Wang, Gerald W. Timm, Arthur G. Erdman, Ahmed H. Tewfik

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This paper describes the design and use of an ambulatory monitoring device for recording urological response to intense physical activities of women. The system integrates a tri-axial accelerometer, a 360 degree biaxial inclinometer and a specially designed urine leakage detector(ULD) for sensing body motion and urine discharge. The device is small, lightweight and battery powered, and can be worn comfortably. All recordings are taken non-invasively and transmitted wirelessly to a receiver for real-time data logging. The experimental results show that the proposed system can record acceleration, inclination efficiently and detect urine leakage of amounts from 0.5ml to 10ml accurately. The unique design of the ULD sensor exempts it from sweating interference during vigorous activities.

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