Alice Walker's The Color Purple Critical Perspectives

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This critical anthology attempts a searching analysis and revaluation of issues emerging in Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple. Ranging from the biographical to the history of African-American narrative traditions, feminist and postmodernist interventions, and the cinematic adaptation of the novel, this collection offers a revisioning of Alice Walker as a woman artist, her philosophy of life, and her role as a spiritual seeker. The collection extends the critical trajectory of feminism towards intersectionality, multiculturalism, and internationalism by bringing in contributions from scholars based in the USA and in India.This is a classroom textbook primarily designed for English Major/Honors students at Undergraduate level. Text books designed for Indian Universities are primarily subjected to Editorial Board of Reviews and not peer reviews because the syllabi are designed and controlled by the centralized University Grant Commission. However, the book is reviewed by Langston Hughes Professor of English and African American Studies, Prof. Amritjit Singh of Ohio University and the review is turned into the Foreword of the book.
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PublisherPencraft International
Edition1ST edition
ISBN (Print)978-93-82178-10-1
StatePublished - 2016

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