Algorithmic Writing Futures

Ann Hill Duin, Isabel Pedersen

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In this chapter, we discuss algorithmic writing futures with specific focus on analytics and artificial intelligence (see Table 3.1). We examine the impact on writing futures in terms of algorithmic control and algorithmic culture and how our teaching, writing, cognition, and behavior is being steered by learning management systems. We emphasize the need for transparency for proprietary “black box” decision-making systems and that the TPC community will often be on the frontline tasked with recognizing, reporting, and/or ameliorating bias in teams with developers, AI nonhuman agents, and an array of public or private entities that are starting to classify these types of issues. This will form another analytical skill in the collaborative relationship between writers, adjacent professionals, and AI actors. We conclude with detail on how AI might assist in recognizing, ameliorating, and addressing civic challenges. Here we include content about several relevant international endeavors to establish principles, practices, and standards for ethical AI, many of which reference communication practices.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2021

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