Adiabatic spin-lock preparations enable robust in vivo cardiac T-mapping at 3T

Chiara Coletti, Joao Tourais, Telly Ploem, Christal van de Steeg-Henzen, Mehmet Akcakaya, Sebastian Weingartner

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the clinical gold standard for the assessment of myocardial viability but requires injection of exogenous gadolinium-based contrast agents. Recently, T1ρ-mapping has been proposed as a fully non-invasive alternative for imaging myocardial fibrosis without the need for contrast agent injection. However, its applicability at high fields is hindered by susceptibility to MRI system imperfections, such as inhomogeneities in the B0 and B1+ fields. In this work we propose a single breath-hold ECG-triggered single-shot bSSFP sequence to enable T1ρ-mapping in vivo at 3T. Adiabatic T1ρ preparations are evaluated to reduce B0 and B1+ sensitivity in comparison with conventional spin-lock (SL) modules. Numerical Bloch simulations were performed to identify optimal parameters for the adiabatic pulses. Experiments yield T1ρ values in the myocardium equal to 48.13±54.08 ms for the best adiabatic preparation and 16.01±20.75 ms for the reference non-adiabatic SL, with 26.91% against 89.74% relative difference in T1ρ values across two shimming conditions. Both phantom and in vivo measurements show increased myocardium/blood contrast and improved resilience against system imperfections compared to non-adiabatic T1ρ preparations, enabling the use at 3T. Clinical relevance- Adiabatically-prepared T1ρ-mapping sequences form a promising candidate for non-contrast evaluation of ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathies at 3T.

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