ABCA1 polymorphisms and Alzheimer's disease

Fabienne Wavrant-De Vrièze, Danielle Compton, Meridith Womick, Sampath Arepalli, Omanma Adighibe, Ling Li, Jordi Pérez-Tur, John Hardy

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In our search for genetic factors related to the development of Alzheimer's disease, we have genotyped 332 pedigrees for three coding polymorphisms in the ABCA1 gene, two of which are known to alter plasma cholesterol levels, as well as a non-coding polymorphism within the promoter. We show an apparent weak association of rs2230806 (p-value = 0.01) with the disease in a sibpair series of Alzheimer's disease that had shown previously evidence for linkage to the chromosome 9 locus where ABCA1 maps.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)180-183
Number of pages4
JournalNeuroscience Letters
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 12 2007

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by the NIA/NIH intramural research program. Many data and biomaterials were collected by the NCRAD (grant number U24 AG21886), as well as the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Initiative (grants numbers U01 MH46281, U01 MH46290, U01 MH46373).


  • ABCA1
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Polymorphisms


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