A software laboratory for visual inspection and recognition

Giuseppina Gini, Maria Gini

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We present the design criteria and the basic structure of GYPSY, a software laboratory for visual inspection and recognition in industrial automation tasks. GYPSY analyzes images of objects on the basis of their two-dimensional shape. It is fully portable and easily programmable. The user can write application programs in a Pascal-like language to give the system the ability to take over various tasks. GYPSY has been developed for a multi-microprocessor architecture designed in Italy especially for industrial automation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)43-51
Number of pages9
JournalPattern Recognition
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1985

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The evolutiono f industriaal utomatiosny stemcsa n be characterizebdy varioust rendsT. he decliningc ost of computatioenq uipmentto gethewr ith the increasing cost of labor are rapidlyp ushingt he designerosf manufacturinsgy stemisn new directions. Various functionst hat were previouslys eparated are integratedin to a single distributeds ystemT. he main advantageis that a large amount of local computingp owercan be availablein addition to a central controllingu nit. Multi-microprocessosry s-temst hatcan be tailoredt o specifica pplicationasr e playingl argeroles. On the other hand, increaseisn systemd evelopmencto sts push toward the use of generapl urposeh ardware. A modular system for industrial automation, MODIAC, hasb eend esigneidn Italy by academiacn d industriagl roupsa sp arto f a nationael ffortt o advance programmabaleu tomationS.u pportf or this research has been providedb y the National Council of Re-searchT. he field of applicationo f MODIAC ranges from the controlo f continuoupsr ocessetso manufac-turingp rocesseTs.h el argep articipatioonf industryin this project is a good indicationo f the widespread interestin industriaal utomation. As part of the MODIAC systemw eh aved esignead generalp urposev ision systemf or industriala ppli-cationsG, YPSY. The first part of this paperi s devotedto a detailed descriptiono f the basic design criteria of GYPSY. Then we describien mored etails omeo ft hea lgorithms usedA. ll of thea lgorithmhsa veb eeni mplementeadn d extensiveltye sted.


  • Computer vision
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Programmable systems
  • Special purpose languages
  • User interface


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