A scoping review of autoantibodies as biomarkers for canine autoimmune disease

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Background: Autoantibody biomarkers are valuable tools used to diagnose and manage autoimmune diseases in dogs. However, prior publications have raised concerns over a lack of standardization and sufficient validation for the use of biomarkers in veterinary medicine. Objectives: Systematically compile primary research on autoantibody biomarkers for autoimmune disease in dogs, summarize their methodological features, and evaluate their quality; synthesize data supporting their use into a resource for veterinarians and researchers. Animals: Not used. Methods: Five indices were searched to identify studies for evaluation: PubMed, CAB Abstracts, Web of Science, Agricola, and SCOPUS. Two independent reviewers (AET and ELC) screened titles and abstracts for exclusion criteria followed by full-text review of remaining articles. Relevant studies were classified based on study objectives (biomarker, epitope, technique). Data on study characteristics and outcomes were synthesized in independent data tables for each classification. Results: Ninety-two studies qualified for final analysis (n = 49 biomarker, n = 9 epitope, and n = 34 technique studies). A high degree of heterogeneity in study characteristics and outcomes reporting was observed. Opportunities to strengthen future studies could include: (1) routine use of negative controls, (2) power analyses to inform sample sizes, (3) statistical analyses when appropriate, and (4) multiple detection techniques to confirm results. Conclusions: These findings provide a resource that will allow veterinary clinicians to efficiently evaluate the evidence supporting the use of autoantibody biomarkers, along with the varied methodological approaches used in their development.

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JournalJournal of veterinary internal medicine
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