A Reality Check for IPUMS: Labor Force Participation of Mexican Women in Mexico-Census Microdata Versus Employment Survey

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The integrated public use microdata series international project (IPUMSi) proposes to integrate census microdata samples of individuals for some twelve countries and disseminate the data to researchers via the internet. The IPUMSi project began in October 1999, with a five year grant from the National Science Foundation of the United States. Historical census microdata for Canada, Norway, Great Britain, and Argentina will be included in the project as well as those for the United States. Contemporary microdata for the United States will be integrated into the database with those for China, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. Negotiations are underway with statistical offices in a number of other countries, including, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, and Kenya. The project builds on a solid foundation of some sixty-five million cases containing more than one-hundred variables for a single country, the United States. The new database with as many as one dozen countries will contain something on the order of twice as many variables and four-times as many cases. The IPUMSi database will be larger, but will it be useful? As a reality check this paper compares labor force participation patterns of Mexican women from 1990 census against high-quality employment survey microdata, the Encuesta Nacional de Empleo Urbano. The first part summarizes the basic goals and procedures of the IPUMSi project. The second part is the reality check.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 2000

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