A paediatric cardiology handbook for the digital age

Ellis Rochelson, Bradley C. Clark, Kara S. Motonaga

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Introduction: Paediatric cardiology fellows, tasked with studying a large and dynamic field, may benefit from a quick-access digital resource that reflects contemporary practice. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a paediatric cardiology handbook smartphone app in enhancing the accessibility of information such as guidelines and recommendations for paediatric cardiology fellows. Materials and methods: The Peds Cardiology Handbook app (iOS) was designed using XCode and Swift programming. A pre-app survey and download instructions were sent to the US paediatric cardiology fellows, followed by a post-app survey. Fellows were asked to rate the ease of rapid access to various types of information. Responses were compared pre- and post-app using McNemar's test and Wilcoxon signed-rank test. Results: Two-hundred and thirty paediatric cardiology fellows were contacted; 23% (n = 53) completed both the pre- and post-app surveys and were included for analysis. After using the app, fellows found it easier to quickly access information in eight out of nine domains evaluated (p < 0.05). All fellows found the app easy to use (100%), most felt that the app was well-organised (98%), contained reliable information (92%), and was useful for finding quick answers to clinical questions (87%). Discussion: The Peds Cardiology Handbook iPhone app is a useful, reliable tool that provides quick access to high-yield information, including guidelines and references. Overall, paediatric cardiology fellows found it easier to rapidly access clinically relevant information after using the app. Future studies may be necessary to evaluate long-term use and impact on evidence-based practice.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)769-774
Number of pages6
JournalCardiology in the young
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 6 2022
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