A method of finishing the occlusion.

R. Poling

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The preadjusted orthodontic appliance has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the orthodontist in achieving good final results for patients in general. However, the orthodontist is limited in achieving excellent final results because of individual patient variation from the prescription of the preadjusted appliance as well as the orthodontist's ability to precisely place the appliance. This article presents a comprehensive system of evaluation of the individual patient to be used during the finishing stage of treatment and a written system of notation that can guide the orthodontist in producing an excellent finished result for each patient. In this system the orthodontist considers multiple aspects of esthetics, occlusion and function, periodontal health and root alignment, and stability. Every feature of these characteristics is examined and desired changes are noted on the "detailing form" resulting in a written plan that guides the orthodontist to achieve excellence in finishing. This written form can also act as a final checklist of obtainment of the goals of orthodontic treatment. This system of finishing can improve the efficiency of the individual orthodontist and assist in communication in multidoctor practices.


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