A Familiar Place: The Path Forward

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We are on the verge of a major humanitarian and environmental crisis that threatens the health, harmony and security of the world. Psychologically distant from our neighbors and the environment, humanity is discarding the tenants of civilization, facilitating a precipitous decline in the human condition and planetary wellness.We must act now, and since number of people is not going down anytime soon, it is the nature of people that we must change if humanity is to survive and prosper.Utilizing thorough research, and wisdom, both old and new, this book presents a radical reorientation of humanity that seeks to help us engage the sensibilities of a connected world, while preserving the individual’s ability to self-actualize and thrive. It looks to establish the healthy mindset and frameworks necessary for positive change, and then charts a course toward healing both ourselves and our planet. It provides a guide to being a better person, insights into the major challenges facing humanity, and explores leadership perspective and societal dynamics to bring forth a healthy and prosperous global future.Join Alan Raymond Fine as he shares his vision for a new path forward; making the world “A Familiar Place.”Mr. Fine is founder and CEO of Elluette, an organization leading prosperous collaborations towards the health, harmony and security of the world.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPrescott Publications
ISBN (Print)978-1-73295-722-0
StatePublished - Jan 1 2019


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