A clinical trial for advanced cervico-vaginal pelvic carcinomas using californium CF-252 fast neutron therapy: Report of early responses

Yosh Maruyama, Justine Yoneda, Helene Krolikiewicz, Oscar Mendiondo, J. Lawrence Beach, Charles W. Coffey, Don Thompson, L. C. Wilson, J. Feola, John R. Van Nagell, Elvis S. Donaldson, Deborah Powell

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This report summarizes clinical experiences with Californium (Cf) 252 for the radiotherapy of advanced cervicovaginal carcinomas at the University of Kentucky Medical Center from November 1976 to April 1979. Fifty-nine patients were treated with Cf-252 during this period. After pilot studies, a treatment schedule was developed which appeared to offer improved local control and clearance of these tumors in ∼90% of treated patients. However, a longer follow-up period is essential to determine whether local tumor control is sustained or whether local tumor recurrence remains as great a problem as for patients who receive conventional radio-nuclide therapy. Ultimate long term survival and outcome will depend upon the frequency of control of local-regional disease and the frequency of appearance of more disseminated and metastatic disease. Cf-252 neutron brachytherapy was combined with 4500-5500 rad of Cobalt 60 or linear accelerator external beam fractionated radiotherapy for 4-6 weeks. Neutron treated patients whose disease was in appropriate clinical stages were also treated with combined radiotherapy-surgery without problems. Stage dependent regression was noted; low stage tumors responded distinctly better and more rapidly than higher stage tumors. All histological patterns responded, and no unusual severe or unanticipated early side effects or toxic tissue reactions were observed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1629-1637
Number of pages9
JournalInternational Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1980

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Supported in part by grants from the Department of Energy, and U.S. National Cancer Institute PO1 CA 17-786 anT32 CA 09040, United States Public Health Service, Bethesda, MD 20014. *Department of Radiation Medicine. tAmerican Cancer Society Clinical Fellow. *National Cancer Inst. Training Fellow supported by T32 CA 09040.


  • Advanced cervico-vaginal cancers
  • Cf-252
  • Fast neutron therapy
  • Low dose rate


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