A chromosome bin map of 2148 expressed sequence tag loci of wheat homoeologous group 7

K. G. Hossain, V. Kalavacharla, G. R. Lazo, J. Hegstad, M. J. Wentz, P. M.A. Kianian, K. Simons, S. Gehlhar, J. L. Rust, R. R. Syamala, K. Obeori, S. Bhamidimarri, P. Karunadharma, S. Chao, O. D. Anderson, L. L. Qi, B. Echalier, B. S. Gill, A. M. Linkiewicz, A. RatnasiriJ. Dubcovsky, E. D. Akhunov, J. Dvořák, Miftahudin, K. Ross, J. P. Gustafson, H. S. Radhawa, M. Dilbirligi, K. S. Gill, J. H. Peng, N. L.V. Lapitan, R. A. Greene, C. E. Bermudez-Kandianis, M. E. Sorrells, O. Feril, M. S. Pathan, H. T. Nguyen, J. L. Gonzalez-Hernandez, E. J. Conley, J. A. Anderson, D. W. Choi, D. Fenton, T. J. Close, P. E. McGuire, C. O. Qualset, S. F. Kianian

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The objectives of this study were to develop a high-density chromosome bin map of homoeologous group 7 in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), to identify gene distribution in these chromosomes, and to perform comparative studies of wheat with rice and barley. We mapped 2148 loci from 919 EST clones onto group 7 chromosomes of wheat. In the majority of cases the numbers of loci were significantly lower in the centromeric regions and tended to increase in the distal regions. The level of duplicated loci in this group was 24% with most of these loci being localized toward the distal regions. One hundred nineteen EST probes that hybridized to three fragments and mapped to the three group 7 chromosomes were designated landmark probes and were used to construct a consensus homoeologous group 7 map. An additional 49 probes that mapped to 7AS, 7DS, and the ancestral translocated segment involving 7BS also were designated landmarks. Landmark probe orders and comparative maps of wheat, rice, and barley were produced on the basis of corresponding rice BAC/PAC and genetic markers that mapped on chromosomes 6 and 8 of rice. Identification of landmark ESTs and development of consensus maps may provide a framework of conserved coding regions predating the evolution of wheat genomes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)687-699
Number of pages13
Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 2004


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