A 4.1 W/mm2 hybrid inductive/capacitive converter for 2-140 mA-DVS load under inductor

Sudhir Kudva, Saurabh Chaubey, Ramesh Harjani

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This work presents a fully integrated hybrid inductive/capacitive converter maintaining high efficiency for a load range of 2 mA to 140 mA (70×) suitable for the dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) based loads. This high efficiency is achieved by using an inductive converter for higher loads (15-140 mA, 0.50-0.9 V) and a capacitive converter for lighter loads (2-5 mA, 0.40-0.55 V) with a 50 mV hysteresis margin. A digital state machine activates the appropriate converter based on the power efficiency and enables the converter hand-over. The functional feasibility of implementing digital circuits as representative loads under the inductor is shown thereby increasing the peak converter power density from 0.387 W/mm2 to 4.1 W/mm2 with only a minor hit on the efficiency. The maximum measured efficiency is achieved in inductive mode of operation and decreases from 76.4% to 71% when digital circuits are present under the inductor. The design was fabricated in IBM’s 32 nm SOI technology.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number18
JournalJournal of Low Power Electronics and Applications
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1 2016

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  • Capacitive converter
  • Digital under inductor
  • Dynamic voltage scaling
  • Fully-integrated DC-DC converter
  • Hybrid converter
  • Inductive converter


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