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Mitochondrial Defects Drive Degenerative Retinal Diseases

Ferrington, D. A., Fisher, C. R. & Kowluru, R. A., Jan 2020, In : Trends in Molecular Medicine. 26, 1, p. 105-118 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Retinal Diseases
Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy
Mitochondrial Diseases

Model-driven neuromodulation of the right posterior region promotes encoding of long-term memories

Alekseichuk, I., Turi, Z., Veit, S. & Paulus, W., Mar 1 2020, In : Brain Stimulation. 13, 2, p. 474-483 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Long-Term Memory
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Parietal Lobe

Molecular characterization of endometrial cancer and therapeutic implications

Winterhoff, B., Thomaier, L., Mullany, S. & Powell, M. A., Feb 1 2020, In : Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 32, 1, p. 76-83 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Endometrial Neoplasms
Microsatellite Repeats
Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1

Moment analysis of stochastic hybrid systems using semidefinite programming

Ghusinga, K. R., Lamperski, A. & Singh, A., Feb 2020, In : Automatica. 112, 108634.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Hybrid systems
Ordinary differential equations
Spillway gates
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Mothering under political violence: Post-traumatic symptoms, observed maternal parenting practices and child externalising behaviour

Zamir, O., Gewirtz, A. H., Dekel, R., Lavi, T. & Tangir, G., Feb 1 2020, In : International Journal of Psychology. 55, 1, p. 123-132 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Child Behavior
Political Violence
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Mulching as a cultural control strategy for Drosophila suzukii in blueberry

Rendon, D., Hamby, K. A., Arsenault-Benoit, A. L., Taylor, C. M., Evans, R. K., Roubos, C. R., Sial, A. A., Rogers, M., Petran, A., Van Timmeren, S., Fanning, P., Isaacs, R. & Walton, V., Jan 1 2020, In : Pest management science. 76, 1, p. 55-66 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

cultural control

Multi-band SWIFT enables quiet and artefact-free EEG-fMRI and awake fMRI studies in rat

Paasonen, J., Laakso, H., Pirttimäki, T., Stenroos, P., Salo, R. A., Zhurakovskaya, E., Lehto, L. J., Tanila, H., Garwood, M., Michaeli, S., Idiyatullin, D., Mangia, S. & Gröhn, O., Feb 1 2020, In : NeuroImage. 206, 116338.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Echo-Planar Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Magnetic Fields

Multilocus sequence typing of staphylococcus aureus

Liu, Y. & Ji, Y., Jan 1 2020, Methods in Molecular Biology. Humana Press Inc., p. 95-102 8 p. (Methods in Molecular Biology; vol. 2069).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

Multilocus Sequence Typing
Staphylococcus aureus
Essential Genes
Cystic Fibrosis
Disease Outbreaks

Nanobubbles in Reconstituted Lyophilized Formulations: Interaction With Proteins and Mechanism of Formation

Snell, J. R., Kumar, N. S. K., Suryanarayanan, R. & Randolph, T. W., Jan 2020, In : Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 109, 1, p. 284-292 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist Protein

Nanoerythrosomes tailoring: Lipid induced protein scaffolding in ghost membrane derived vesicles

Deák, R., Mihály, J., Szigyártó, I. C., Beke-Somfai, T., Turiák, L., Drahos, L., Wacha, A., Bóta, A. & Varga, Z., Apr 2020, In : Materials Science and Engineering C. 109, 110428.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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Naturally occurring osteoarthritis in male mice with an extended lifespan

Ewart, D., Harper, L., Gravely, A., Miller, R. A., Carlson, C. S. & Loeser, R. F., Jan 2 2020, In : Connective Tissue Research. 61, 1, p. 95-103 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Articular Cartilage

Natural polysaccharides for controlled delivery of oral therapeutics: a recent update

Layek, B. & Mandal, S., Feb 15 2020, In : Carbohydrate Polymers. 230, 115617.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Dosage Forms
Pharmaceutical Preparations

Navigating social justice in the current historical moment

Ngo, B. & Lee, S. J., Feb 7 2020, In : International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 33, 2, p. 135-139 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

N-BiC: A Method for Multi-Component and Symptom Biclustering of Structural MRI Data: Application to Schizophrenia

Rahaman, M. A., Turner, J. A., Gupta, C. N., Rachakonda, S., Chen, J., Liu, J., Van Erp, T. G. M., Potkin, S., Ford, J., Mathalon, D., Lee, H. J., Jiang, W., Mueller, B. A., Andreassen, O., Agartz, I., Sponheim, S. R., Mayer, A. R., Stephen, J., Jung, R. E., Canive, J. & 2 others, Bustillo, J. & Calhoun, V. D., Jan 2020, In : IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 67, 1, p. 110-121 12 p., 8678823.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Magnetic resonance imaging
Independent component analysis
Imaging techniques

N-butyldeoxygalactonojirimycin induces reversible infertility in male CD rats

Gupta, V., Hild, S. A., Jakkaraj, S. R., Carlson, E. J., Wong, H. L., Allen, C. L., Georg, G. & Tash, J. S., Jan 1 2020, In : International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 21, 1, 301.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Male Infertility
ceramide glucosyltransferase

Nebulas: Using distributed voluntary resources to build clouds

Chandra, A. & Weissman, J., Jan 1 2020.

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Need for tracheostomy after lung transplant predicts decreased mid- and long-term survival

Huddleston, S. J., Brown, R., Rudser, K., Goswami, U., Tomic, R., Lemke, N. T., Shaffer, A. W., Soule, M., Hertz, M., Shumway, S., Kelly, R. & Loor, G., Jan 1 2020, In : Clinical Transplantation. 34, 1, e13766.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Bronchiolitis Obliterans

Neonatal Acute Liver Failure

Larson-Nath, C. & Vitola, B. E., Mar 2020, In : Clinics in Perinatology. 47, 1, p. 25-39 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Acute Liver Failure
Liver Diseases
Metabolic Diseases
Infant Mortality
Virus Diseases

Neurotoxicity of antibodies in cancer therapy: A review

Horta, E., Bongiorno, C., Ezzeddine, M. & Neil, E. C., Jan 2020, In : Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery. 188, 105566.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Immunoglobulin Isotypes
Medical Subject Headings

Next-generation polymers: Isosorbide as a renewable alternative

Saxon, D. J., Luke, A. M., Sajjad, H., Tolman, W. B. & Reineke, T. M., Feb 2020, In : Progress in Polymer Science. 101, 101196.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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Human Herpesvirus 1
Open Access
computer vision
Computer vision

Non-thermal atmospheric plasma synthesis of ammonia in a DBD reactor packed with various catalysts

Xie, Q., Zhuge, S., Song, X., Lu, M., Yu, F., Ruan, R. & Nie, Y., Jan 1 2020, In : Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 53, 6, 064002.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Magnesium Oxide
magnesium oxides

Normative noninvasive bladder function measurements in healthy women: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Wyman, J. F., Zhou, J., Yvette LaCoursiere, D., Markland, A. D., Mueller, E. R., Simon, L., Stapleton, A., Stoll, C. R. T., Chu, H. & Sutcliffe, S., Jan 1 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Neurourology and Urodynamics.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Urinary Bladder
Confidence Intervals
Residual Volume
Reference Values

Novel deazaflavin tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2 (TDP2) inhibitors

Kiselev, E., Ravji, A., Kankanala, J., Xie, J., Wang, Z. & Pommier, Y., Jan 2020, In : DNA Repair. 85, 102747.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors
DNA Repair Enzymes
Lead compounds
Large eddy simulation
large eddy simulation
cavitation flow
Shock waves
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wind turbines
Natural convection
free convection
Wind turbines

Numerical study of mechanisms of air-core vortex evolution in an intake flow

Zi, D., Xuan, A., Wang, F. & Shen, L., Feb 2020, In : International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. 81, 108517.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Vortex flow
Open Access
Very Low Birth Weight Infant
low birth weight
Body Composition
Premature Infants
body composition

Objective measures of moderate to vigorous physical activity are associated with higher distal limb bone strength among elderly men

Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study Group, Mar 2020, In : Bone. 132, 115198.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Bone and Bones
Metabolic Equivalent
Energy Metabolism

Observation of nuclear modifications in W± boson production in pPb collisions at sNN=8.16TeV

Sirunyan, A. M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., Ambrogi, F., Asilar, E., Bergauer, T., Brandstetter, J., Dragicevic, M., Erö, J., Escalante Del Valle, A., Flechl, M., Frühwirth, R., Ghete, V. M., Hrubec, J., Jeitler, M., Krammer, N., Krätschmer, I., Liko, D., Madlener, T., Mikulec, I. & 2,256 others, Rad, N., Rohringer, H., Schieck, J., Schöfbeck, R., Spanring, M., Spitzbart, D., Taurok, A., Waltenberger, W., Wittmann, J., Wulz, C. E., Zarucki, M., Chekhovsky, V., Mossolov, V., Suarez Gonzalez, J., De Wolf, E. A., Di Croce, D., Janssen, X., Lauwers, J., Pieters, M., Van Haevermaet, H., Van Mechelen, P., Van Remortel, N., Abu Zeid, S., Blekman, F., D'Hondt, J., De Bruyn, I., De Clercq, J., Deroover, K., Flouris, G., Lontkovskyi, D., Lowette, S., Marchesini, I., Moortgat, S., Moreels, L., Python, Q., Skovpen, K., Tavernier, S., Van Doninck, W., Van Mulders, P., Van Parijs, I., Beghin, D., Bilin, B., Brun, H., Clerbaux, B., De Lentdecker, G., Delannoy, H., Dorney, B., Fasanella, G., Favart, L., Goldouzian, R., Grebenyuk, A., Kalsi, A. K., Lenzi, T., Luetic, J., Postiau, N., Starling, E., Thomas, L., Vander Velde, C., Vanlaer, P., Vannerom, D., Wang, Q., Cornelis, T., Dobur, D., Fagot, A., Gul, M., Khvastunov, I., Poyraz, D., Roskas, C., Trocino, D., Tytgat, M., Verbeke, W., Vermassen, B., Vit, M., Zaganidis, N., Bakhshiansohi, H., Bondu, O., Brochet, S., Bruno, G., Caputo, C., David, P., Delaere, C., Delcourt, M., Giammanco, A., Krintiras, G., Lemaitre, V., Magitteri, A., Mertens, A., Musich, M., Piotrzkowski, K., Saggio, A., Vidal Marono, M., Wertz, S., Zobec, J., Alves, F. L., Alves, G. A., Correa Martins Junior, M., Correia Silva, G., Hensel, C., Moraes, A., Pol, M. E., Rebello Teles, P., Belchior Batista Das Chagas, E., Carvalho, W., Chinellato, J., Coelho, E., Da Costa, E. M., Da Silveira, G. G., De Jesus Damiao, D., De Oliveira Martins, C., Fonseca De Souza, S., Malbouisson, H., Matos Figueiredo, D., Melo De Almeida, M., Mora Herrera, C., Mundim, L., Nogima, H., Prado Da Silva, W. L., Sanchez Rosas, L. J., Santoro, A., Sznajder, A., Thiel, M., Tonelli Manganote, E. J., Torres Da Silva De Araujo, F., Vilela Pereira, A., Ahuja, S., Bernardes, C. A., Calligaris, L., Fernandez Perez Tomei, T. R., Gregores, E. M., Mercadante, P. G., Novaes, S. F., Padula, S. S., Aleksandrov, A., Hadjiiska, R., Iaydjiev, P., Marinov, A., Misheva, M., Rodozov, M., Shopova, M., Sultanov, G., Dimitrov, A., Litov, L., Pavlov, B., Petkov, P., Fang, W., Gao, X., Yuan, L., Ahmad, M., Bian, J. G., Chen, G. M., Chen, H. S., Chen, M., Chen, Y., Jiang, C. H., Leggat, D., Liao, H., Liu, Z., Romeo, F., Shaheen, S. M., Spiezia, A., Tao, J., Wang, Z., Yazgan, E., Zhang, H., Zhang, S., Zhao, J., Ban, Y., Chen, G., Levin, A., Li, J., Li, L., Li, Q., Mao, Y., Qian, S. J., Wang, D., Xu, Z., Wang, Y., Avila, C., Cabrera, A., Carrillo Montoya, C. A., Chaparro Sierra, L. F., Florez, C., González Hernández, C. F., Segura Delgado, M. A., Courbon, B., Godinovic, N., Lelas, D., Puljak, I., Sculac, T., Antunovic, Z., Kovac, M., Brigljevic, V., Ferencek, D., Kadija, K., Mesic, B., Starodumov, A., Susa, T., Ather, M. W., Attikis, A., Kolosova, M., Mavromanolakis, G., Mousa, J., Nicolaou, C., Ptochos, F., Razis, P. A., Rykaczewski, H., Finger, M., Ayala, E., Carrera Jarrin, E., Ellithi Kamel, A., Mahmoud, M. A., Mohammed, Y., Bhowmik, S., Carvalho Antunes De Oliveira, A., Dewanjee, R. K., Ehataht, K., Kadastik, M., Raidal, M., Veelken, C., Eerola, P., Kirschenmann, H., Pekkanen, J., Voutilainen, M., Havukainen, J., Heikkilä, J. K., Järvinen, T., Karimäki, V., Kinnunen, R., Lampén, T., Lassila-Perini, K., Laurila, S., Lehti, S., Lindén, T., Luukka, P., Mäenpää, T., Siikonen, H., Tuominen, E., Tuominiemi, J., Tuuva, T., Besancon, M., Couderc, F., Dejardin, M., Denegri, D., Faure, J. L., Ferri, F., Ganjour, S., Givernaud, A., Gras, P., Hamel de Monchenault, G., Jarry, P., Leloup, C., Locci, E., Malcles, J., Negro, G., Rander, J., Rosowsky, A., Sahin, M., Titov, M., Abdulsalam, A., Amendola, C., Antropov, I., Arleo, F., Beaudette, F., Busson, P., Charlot, C., Granier de Cassagnac, R., Kucher, I., Lobanov, A., Martin Blanco, J., Martin Perez, C., Nguyen, M., Ochando, C., Ortona, G., Paganini, P., Pigard, P., Rembser, J., Salerno, R., Sauvan, J. B., Sirois, Y., Stahl Leiton, A. G., Zabi, A., Zghiche, A., Agram, J. L., Andrea, J., Bloch, D., Brom, J. M., Chabert, E. C., Cherepanov, V., Collard, C., Conte, E., Fontaine, J. C., Gelé, D., Goerlach, U., Jansová, M., Le Bihan, A. C., Tonon, N., Van Hove, P., Gadrat, S., Beauceron, S., Bernet, C., Boudoul, G., Chanon, N., Chierici, R., Contardo, D., Depasse, P., El Mamouni, H., Fay, J., Finco, L., Gascon, S., Gouzevitch, M., Grenier, G., Ille, B., Lagarde, F., Laktineh, I. B., Lattaud, H., Lethuillier, M., Mirabito, L., Perries, S., Popov, A., Sordini, V., Touquet, G., Vander Donckt, M., Viret, S., Khvedelidze, A., Tsamalaidze, Z., Autermann, C., Feld, L., Kiesel, M. K., Klein, K., Lipinski, M., Preuten, M., Rauch, M. P., Schomakers, C., Schulz, J., Teroerde, M., Wittmer, B., Zhukov, V., Albert, A., Duchardt, D., Erdmann, M., Erdweg, S., Esch, T., Fischer, R., Ghosh, S., Güth, A., Hebbeker, T., Heidemann, C., Hoepfner, K., Keller, H., Mastrolorenzo, L., Merschmeyer, M., Meyer, A., Millet, P., Mukherjee, S., Pook, T., Radziej, M., Reithler, H., Rieger, M., Schmidt, A., Teyssier, D., Thüer, S., Flügge, G., Hlushchenko, O., Kress, T., Künsken, A., Müller, T., Nehrkorn, A., Nowack, A., Pistone, C., Pooth, O., Roy, D., Sert, H., Stahl, A., Aldaya Martin, M., Arndt, T., Asawatangtrakuldee, C., Babounikau, I., Beernaert, K., Behnke, O., Behrens, U., Bermúdez Martínez, A., Bertsche, D., Bin Anuar, A. A., Borras, K., Botta, V., Campbell, A., Connor, P., Contreras-Campana, C., Danilov, V., De Wit, A., Defranchis, M. M., Diez Pardos, C., Domínguez Damiani, D., Eckerlin, G., Eichhorn, T., Elwood, A., Eren, E., Gallo, E., Geiser, A., Grohsjean, A., Guthoff, M., Haranko, M., Harb, A., Hauk, J., Jung, H., Kasemann, M., Keaveney, J., Kleinwort, C., Knolle, J., Krücker, D., Lange, W., Lelek, A., Lenz, T., Leonard, J., Lipka, K., Lohmann, W., Mankel, R., Melzer-Pellmann, I. A., Meyer, A. B., Meyer, M., Missiroli, M., Mittag, G., Mnich, J., Myronenko, V., Pflitsch, S. K., Pitzl, D., Raspereza, A., Savitskyi, M., Saxena, P., Schütze, P., Schwanenberger, C., Shevchenko, R., Singh, A., Tholen, H., Turkot, O., Vagnerini, A., Van Onsem, G. P., Walsh, R., Wen, Y., Wichmann, K., Wissing, C., Zenaiev, O., Aggleton, R., Bein, S., Benato, L., Benecke, A., Blobel, V., Dreyer, T., Ebrahimi, A., Garutti, E., Gonzalez, D., Gunnellini, P., Haller, J., Hinzmann, A., Karavdina, A., Kasieczka, G., Klanner, R., Kogler, R., Kovalchuk, N., Kurz, S., Kutzner, V., Lange, J., Marconi, D., Multhaup, J., Niedziela, M., Niemeyer, C. E. N., Nowatschin, D., Perieanu, A., Reimers, A., Rieger, O., Scharf, C., Schleper, P., Schumann, S., Schwandt, J., Sonneveld, J., Stadie, H., Steinbrück, G., Stober, F. M., Stöver, M., Vanhoefer, A., Vormwald, B., Zoi, I., Akbiyik, M., Barth, C., Baselga, M., Baur, S., Butz, E., Caspart, R., Chwalek, T., Colombo, F., De Boer, W., Dierlamm, A., El Morabit, K., Faltermann, N., Freund, B., Giffels, M., Harrendorf, M. A., Hartmann, F., Heindl, S. M., Husemann, U., Kassel, F., Katkov, I., Kudella, S., Mitra, S., Mozer, M. 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L., Ujvari, B., Choudhury, S., Komaragiri, J. R., Tiwari, P. C., Bahinipati, S., Kar, C., Mal, P., Mandal, K., Nayak, A., Sahoo, D. K., Swain, S. K., Bansal, S., Beri, S. B., Bhatnagar, V., Chauhan, S., Chawla, R., Dhingra, N., Gupta, R., Kaur, A., Kaur, M., Kaur, S., Kumar, R., Kumari, P., Lohan, M., Mehta, A., Sandeep, K., Sharma, S., Singh, J. B., Virdi, A. K., Walia, G., Bhardwaj, A., Choudhary, B. C., Garg, R. B., Gola, M., Keshri, S., Kumar, A., Malhotra, S., Naimuddin, M., Priyanka, P., Ranjan, K., Shah, A., Sharma, R., Bhardwaj, R., Bharti, M., Bhattacharya, R., Bhattacharya, S., Bhawandeep, U., Bhowmik, D., Dey, S., Dutt, S., Dutta, S., Mondal, K., Nandan, S., Purohit, A., Rout, P. K., Roy, A., Roy Chowdhury, S., Saha, G., Sarkar, S., Sharan, M., Singh, B., Thakur, S., Behera, P. K., Chudasama, R., Dutta, D., Jha, V., Kumar, V., Netrakanti, P. K., Pant, L. M., Shukla, P., Aziz, T., Bhat, M. A., Dugad, S., Mohanty, G. B., Sur, N., Sutar, B., Verma, R. 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M., Fabbri, F., Fanfani, A., Fontanesi, E., Giacomelli, P., Grandi, C., Guiducci, L., Iemmi, F., Lo Meo, S., Marcellini, S., Masetti, G., Montanari, A., Navarria, F. L., Perrotta, A., Primavera, F., Rovelli, T., Siroli, G. P., Tosi, N., Albergo, S., Di Mattia, A., Potenza, R., Tricomi, A., Tuve, C., Barbagli, G., Chatterjee, K., Ciulli, V., Civinini, C., D'Alessandro, R., Focardi, E., Latino, G., Lenzi, P., Meschini, M., Paoletti, S., Russo, L., Sguazzoni, G., Strom, D., Viliani, L., Benussi, L., Bianco, S., Piccolo, D., Ferro, F., Ravera, F., Robutti, E., Tosi, S., Benaglia, A., Beschi, A., Brianza, L., Brivio, F., Ciriolo, V., Di Guida, S., Dinardo, M. E., Fiorendi, S., Gennai, S., Ghezzi, A., Govoni, P., Malberti, M., Malvezzi, S., Massironi, A., Menasce, D., Monti, F., Moroni, L., Paganoni, M., Pedrini, D., Ragazzi, S., Tabarelli de Fatis, T., Zuolo, D., Buontempo, S., Cavallo, N., De Iorio, A., Di Crescenzo, A., Fabozzi, F., Fienga, F., Galati, G., Iorio, A. O. M., Khan, W. A., Lista, L., Meola, S., Paolucci, P., Sciacca, C., Voevodina, E., Azzi, P., Bacchetta, N., Bisello, D., Boletti, A., Bragagnolo, A., Carlin, R., Checchia, P., Dall'Osso, M., De Castro Manzano, P., Dorigo, T., Dosselli, U., Gasparini, F., Gasparini, U., Gozzelino, A., Hoh, S. Y., Lacaprara, S., Lujan, P., Margoni, M., Meneguzzo, A. T., Pazzini, J., Ronchese, P., Rossin, R., Simonetto, F., Tiko, A., Torassa, E., Zanetti, M., Zotto, P., Zumerle, G., Braghieri, A., Magnani, A., Montagna, P., Ratti, S. P., Re, V., Ressegotti, M., Riccardi, C., Salvini, P., Vai, I., Vitulo, P., Biasini, M., Bilei, G. M., Cecchi, C., Ciangottini, D., Fanò, L., Lariccia, P., Leonardi, R., Manoni, E., Mantovani, G., Mariani, V., Menichelli, M., Rossi, A., Santocchia, A., Spiga, D., Androsov, K., Azzurri, P., Bagliesi, G., Bianchini, L., Boccali, T., Borrello, L., Castaldi, R., Ciocci, M. A., Dell'Orso, R., Fedi, G., Fiori, F., Giannini, L., Giassi, A., Grippo, M. T., Ligabue, F., Manca, E., Mandorli, G., Messineo, A., Palla, F., Rizzi, A., Spagnolo, P., Tenchini, R., Tonelli, G., Venturi, A., Verdini, P. G., Barone, L., Cavallari, F., Cipriani, M., Del Re, D., Di Marco, E., Diemoz, M., Gelli, S., Longo, E., Marzocchi, B., Meridiani, P., Organtini, G., Pandolfi, F., Paramatti, R., Preiato, F., Rahatlou, S., Rovelli, C., Santanastasio, F., Amapane, N., Arcidiacono, R., Argiro, S., Arneodo, M., Bartosik, N., Bellan, R., Biino, C., Cartiglia, N., Cenna, F., Cometti, S., Costa, M., Covarelli, R., Demaria, N., Kiani, B., Mariotti, C., Maselli, S., Migliore, E., Monaco, V., Monteil, E., Monteno, M., Obertino, M. M., Pacher, L., Pastrone, N., Pelliccioni, M., Pinna Angioni, G. L., Romero, A., Ruspa, M., Sacchi, R., Shchelina, K., Sola, V., Solano, A., Soldi, D., Staiano, A., Belforte, S., Candelise, V., Casarsa, M., Cossutti, F., Da Rold, A., Della Ricca, G., Vazzoler, F., Zanetti, A., Kim, D. H., Kim, G. N., Kim, M. S., Lee, J., Lee, S., Lee, S. W., Moon, C. S., Oh, Y. D., Pak, S. I., Sekmen, S., Son, D. C., Yang, Y. C., Kim, H., Moon, D. H., Oh, G., Goh, J., Kim, T. J., Cho, S., Choi, S., Go, Y., Gyun, D., Ha, S., Hong, B., Jo, Y., Lee, K., Lee, K. S., Lim, J., Park, S. K., Roh, Y., Kim, H. S., Almond, J., Kim, J., Kim, J. S., Lee, H., Nam, K., Oh, S. B., Radburn-Smith, B. C., Seo, S. H., Yang, U. K., Yoo, H. D., Yu, G. B., Jeon, D., Kim, J. H., Lee, J. S. H., Park, I. C., Choi, Y., Hwang, C., Yu, I., Dudenas, V., Juodagalvis, A., Vaitkus, J., Ahmed, I., Ibrahim, Z. A., Md Ali, M. A. B., Mohamad Idris, F., Wan Abdullah, W. A. T., Yusli, M. N., Zolkapli, Z., Benitez, J. F., Castaneda Hernandez, A., Murillo Quijada, J. A., Castilla-Valdez, H., De La Cruz-Burelo, E., Duran-Osuna, M. C., Heredia-De La Cruz, I., Lopez-Fernandez, R., Mejia Guisao, J., Rabadan-Trejo, R. I., Ramirez-Garcia, M., Ramirez-Sanchez, G., Reyes-Almanza, R., Sanchez-Hernandez, A., Carrillo Moreno, S., Oropeza Barrera, C., Vazquez Valencia, F., Eysermans, J., Pedraza, I., Salazar Ibarguen, H. A., Uribe Estrada, C., Morelos Pineda, A., Krofcheck, D., Bheesette, S., Butler, P. H., Ahmad, A., Asghar, M. I., Hassan, Q., Hoorani, H. R., Saddique, A., Shah, M. A., Shoaib, M., Waqas, M., Bialkowska, H., Bluj, M., Boimska, B., Frueboes, T., Górski, M., Kazana, M., Szleper, M., Traczyk, P., Zalewski, P., Bunkowski, K., Byszuk, A., Doroba, K., Kalinowski, A., Konecki, M., Krolikowski, J., Misiura, M., Olszewski, M., Pyskir, A., Walczak, M., Araujo, M., Bargassa, P., Beirão Da Cruz E Silva, C., Di Francesco, A., Faccioli, P., Galinhas, B., Gallinaro, M., Hollar, J., Leonardo, N., Nemallapudi, M. V., Seixas, J., Strong, G., Toldaiev, O., Vadruccio, D., Varela, J., Afanasiev, S., Bunin, P., Gavrilenko, M., Golutvin, I., Gorbunov, I., Kamenev, A., Karjavine, V., Lanev, A., Malakhov, A., Matveev, V., Moisenz, P., Palichik, V., Perelygin, V., Shmatov, S., Shulha, S., Skatchkov, N., Smirnov, V., Voytishin, N., Zarubin, A., Golovtsov, V., Ivanov, Y., Kim, V., Kuznetsova, E., Levchenko, P., Murzin, V., Oreshkin, V., Smirnov, I., Sosnov, D., Sulimov, V., Uvarov, L., Vavilov, S., Vorobyev, A., Andreev, Y., Dermenev, A., Gninenko, S., Golubev, N., Karneyeu, A., Kirsanov, M., Krasnikov, N., Pashenkov, A., Tlisov, D., Toropin, A., Epshteyn, V., Gavrilov, V., Lychkovskaya, N., Popov, V., Pozdnyakov, I., Safronov, G., Spiridonov, A., Stepennov, A., Stolin, V., Toms, M., Vlasov, E., Zhokin, A., Aushev, T., Chadeeva, M., Parygin, P., Philippov, D., Polikarpov, S., Popova, E., Rusinov, V., Andreev, V., Azarkin, M., Dremin, I., Kirakosyan, M., Rusakov, S. V., Terkulov, A., Baskakov, A., Belyaev, A., Boos, E., Demiyanov, A., Ershov, A., Gribushin, A., Kodolova, O., Korotkikh, V., Lokhtin, I., Miagkov, I., Obraztsov, S., Petrushanko, S., Savrin, V., Snigirev, A., Vardanyan, I., Barnyakov, A., Blinov, V., Dimova, T., Kardapoltsev, L., Skovpen, Y., Azhgirey, I., Bayshev, I., Bitioukov, S., Elumakhov, D., Godizov, A., Kachanov, V., Kalinin, A., Konstantinov, D., Mandrik, P., Petrov, V., Ryutin, R., Slabospitskii, S., Sobol, A., Troshin, S., Tyurin, N., Uzunian, A., Volkov, A., Babaev, A., Baidali, S., Okhotnikov, V., Adzic, P., Cirkovic, P., Devetak, D., Dordevic, M., Milosevic, J., Alcaraz Maestre, J., Álvarez Fernández, A., Bachiller, I., Barrio Luna, M., Brochero Cifuentes, J. A., Cerrada, M., Colino, N., De La Cruz, B., Delgado Peris, A., Fernandez Bedoya, C., Fernández Ramos, J. P., Flix, J., Fouz, M. C., Gonzalez Lopez, O., Goy Lopez, S., Hernandez, J. M., Josa, M. I., Moran, D., Pérez-Calero Yzquierdo, A., Puerta Pelayo, J., Redondo, I., Romero, L., Soares, M. S., Triossi, A., Albajar, C., de Trocóniz, J. F., Cuevas, J., Erice, C., Fernandez Menendez, J., Folgueras, S., Gonzalez Caballero, I., González Fernández, J. R., Palencia Cortezon, E., Rodríguez Bouza, V., Sanchez Cruz, S., Vischia, P., Vizan Garcia, J. M., Cabrillo, I. J., Calderon, A., Chazin Quero, B., Duarte Campderros, J., Fernandez, M., Fernández Manteca, P. J., García Alonso, A., Garcia-Ferrero, J., Gomez, G., Lopez Virto, A., Marco, J., Martinez Rivero, C., Martinez Ruiz del Arbol, P., Matorras, F., Piedra Gomez, J., Prieels, C., Rodrigo, T., Ruiz-Jimeno, A., Scodellaro, L., Trevisani, N., Vila, I., Vilar Cortabitarte, R., Wickramage, N., Abbaneo, D., Akgun, B., Auffray, E., Auzinger, G., Baillon, P., Ball, A. H., Barney, D., Bendavid, J., Bianco, M., Bocci, A., Botta, C., Brondolin, E., Camporesi, T., Cepeda, M., Cerminara, G., Chapon, E., Cucciati, G., d'Enterria, D., Dabrowski, A., Daci, N., Daponte, V., David, A., De Roeck, A., Deelen, N., Dobson, M., Dünser, M., Dupont, N., Elliott-Peisert, A., Everaerts, P., Fallavollita, F., Fasanella, D., Franzoni, G., Fulcher, J., Funk, W., Gigi, D., Gilbert, A., Gill, K., Glege, F., Guilbaud, M., Gulhan, D., Hegeman, J., Heidegger, C., Innocente, V., Jafari, A., Janot, P., Karacheban, O., Kieseler, J., Kornmayer, A., Krammer, M., Lange, C., Lecoq, P., Lourenço, C., Malgeri, L., Mannelli, M., Meijers, F., Merlin, J. A., Mersi, S., Meschi, E., Milenovic, P., Moortgat, F., Mulders, M., Ngadiuba, J., Nourbakhsh, S., Orfanelli, S., Orsini, L., Pantaleo, F., Pape, L., Perez, E., Peruzzi, M., Petrilli, A., Petrucciani, G., Pfeiffer, A., Pierini, M., Pitters, F. M., Rabady, D., Racz, A., Reis, T., Rolandi, G., Rovere, M., Sakulin, H., Schäfer, C., Schwick, C., Seidel, M., Selvaggi, M., Silva, P., Sphicas, P., Stakia, A., Steggemann, J., Tosi, M., Treille, D., Tsirou, A., Veckalns, V., Verzetti, M., Zeuner, W. D., Caminada, L., Deiters, K., Erdmann, W., Horisberger, R., Ingram, Q., Kaestli, H. C., Kotlinski, D., Langenegger, U., Rohe, T., Wiederkehr, S. A., Backhaus, M., Bäni, L., Berger, P., Chernyavskaya, N., Dissertori, G., Dittmar, M., Donegà, M., Dorfer, C., Gómez Espinosa, T. A., Grab, C., Hits, D., Klijnsma, T., Lustermann, W., Manzoni, R. A., Marionneau, M., Meinhard, M. T., Micheli, F., Musella, P., Nessi-Tedaldi, F., Pata, J., Pauss, F., Perrin, G., Perrozzi, L., Pigazzini, S., Quittnat, M., Reissel, C., Ruini, D., Sanz Becerra, D. A., Schönenberger, M., Shchutska, L., Tavolaro, V. R., Theofilatos, K., Vesterbacka Olsson, M. L., Wallny, R., Zhu, D. H., Aarrestad, T. K., Amsler, C., Brzhechko, D., Canelli, M. F., De Cosa, A., Del Burgo, R., Donato, S., Galloni, C., Hreus, T., Kilminster, B., Leontsinis, S., Neutelings, I., Rauco, G., Robmann, P., Salerno, D., Schweiger, K., Seitz, C., Takahashi, Y., Zucchetta, A., Chang, Y. H., Cheng, K. Y., Doan, T. H., Khurana, R., Kuo, C. M., Lin, W., Pozdnyakov, A., Yu, S. S., Chang, P., Chao, Y., Chen, K. F., Chen, P. H., Hou, W. S., Kumar, A., Liu, Y. F., Lu, R. S., Paganis, E., Psallidas, A., Steen, A., Asavapibhop, B., Srimanobhas, N., Suwonjandee, N., Bat, A., Boran, F., Cerci, S., Damarseckin, S., Demiroglu, Z. S., Dolek, F., Dozen, C., Dumanoglu, I., Girgis, S., Gokbulut, G., Guler, Y., Gurpinar, E., Hos, I., Isik, C., Kangal, E. E., Kara, O., Kayis Topaksu, A., Kiminsu, U., Oglakci, M., Onengut, G., Ozdemir, K., Ozturk, S., Sunar Cerci, D., Tali, B., Tok, U. G., Turkcapar, S., Zorbakir, I. S., Zorbilmez, C., Isildak, B., Karapinar, G., Yalvac, M., Zeyrek, M., Atakisi, I. O., Gülmez, E., Kaya, M., Kaya, O., Ozkorucuklu, S., Tekten, S., Yetkin, E. A., Agaras, M. N., Cakir, A., Cankocak, K., Komurcu, Y., Sen, S., Grynyov, B., Levchuk, L., Ball, F., Beck, L., Brooke, J. J., Burns, D., Clement, E., Cussans, D., Davignon, O., Flacher, H., Goldstein, J., Heath, G. P., Heath, H. F., Kreczko, L., Newbold, D. M., Paramesvaran, S., Penning, B., Sakuma, T., Smith, D., Smith, V. J., Taylor, J., Titterton, A., Brew, C., Brown, R. M., Cieri, D., Cockerill, D. J. A., Coughlan, J. A., Harder, K., Harper, S., Linacre, J., Olaiya, E., Petyt, D., Shepherd-Themistocleous, C. H., Thea, A., Tomalin, I. R., Williams, T., Womersley, W. J., Bainbridge, R., Bloch, P., Borg, J., Breeze, S., Buchmuller, O., Bundock, A., Colling, D., Dauncey, P., Davies, G., Della Negra, M., Di Maria, R., Haddad, Y., Hall, G., Iles, G., James, T., Komm, M., Laner, C., Lyons, L., Magnan, A. M., Malik, S., Martelli, A., Nash, J., Nikitenko, A., Palladino, V., Pesaresi, M., Raymond, D. M., Richards, A., Rose, A., Scott, E., Seez, C., Shtipliyski, A., Singh, G., Stoye, M., Strebler, T., Summers, S., Tapper, A., Uchida, K., Virdee, T., Wardle, N., Winterbottom, D., Wright, J., Zenz, S. C., Cole, J. E., Hobson, P. R., Khan, A., Kyberd, P., Mackay, C. K., Morton, A., Reid, I. D., Teodorescu, L., Zahid, S., Call, K., Dittmann, J., Hatakeyama, K., Liu, H., Madrid, C., Mcmaster, B., Pastika, N., Smith, C., Bartek, R., Dominguez, A., Buccilli, A., Cooper, S. I., Henderson, C., Rumerio, P., West, C., Arcaro, D., Bose, T., Gastler, D., Pinna, D., Rankin, D., Richardson, C., Rohlf, J., Sulak, L., Zou, D., Benelli, G., Coubez, X., Cutts, D., Hadley, M., Hakala, J., Heintz, U., Hogan, J. M., Kwok, K. H. M., Laird, E., Landsberg, G., Mao, Z., Narain, M., Sagir, S., Syarif, R., Usai, E., Yu, D., Band, R., Brainerd, C., Breedon, R., Calderon De La Barca Sanchez, M., Chertok, M., Conway, J., Conway, R., Cox, P. T., Erbacher, R., Flores, C., Funk, G., Ko, W., Kukral, O., Lander, R., Mulhearn, M., Pellett, D., Pilot, J., Shalhout, S., Shi, M., Stolp, D., Taylor, D., Tos, K., Tripathi, M., Zhang, F., Bachtis, M., Bravo, C., Cousins, R., Dasgupta, A., Florent, A., Hauser, J., Ignatenko, M., Mccoll, N., Regnard, S., Saltzberg, D., Schnaible, C., Valuev, V., Bouvier, E., Burt, K., Clare, R., Gary, J. W., Ghiasi Shirazi, S. M. A., Hanson, G., Karapostoli, G., Kennedy, E., Lacroix, F., Long, O. R., Olmedo Negrete, M., Paneva, M. I., Si, W., Wang, L., Wei, H., Wimpenny, S., Yates, B. R., Branson, J. G., Cittolin, S., Derdzinski, M., Gerosa, R., Gilbert, D., Hashemi, B., Holzner, A., Klein, D., Kole, G., Krutelyov, V., Letts, J., Masciovecchio, M., Olivito, D., Padhi, S., Pieri, M., Sani, M., Sharma, V., Simon, S., Tadel, M., Vartak, A., Wasserbaech, S., Wood, J., Würthwein, F., Yagil, A., Zevi Della Porta, G., Amin, N., Bhandari, R., Bradmiller-Feld, J., Campagnari, C., Citron, M., Dishaw, A., Dutta, V., Franco Sevilla, M., Gouskos, L., Heller, R., Incandela, J., Ovcharova, A., Qu, H., Richman, J., Stuart, D., Suarez, I., Wang, S., Yoo, J., Anderson, D., Bornheim, A., Lawhorn, J. M., Newman, H. B., Nguyen, T. Q., Spiropulu, M., Vlimant, J. R., Wilkinson, R., Xie, S., Zhang, Z., Zhu, R. Y., Andrews, M. B., Ferguson, T., Mudholkar, T., Paulini, M., Sun, M., Vorobiev, I., Weinberg, M., Cumalat, J. P., Ford, W. T., Jensen, F., Johnson, A., Krohn, M., MacDonald, E., Mulholland, T., Patel, R., Perloff, A., Stenson, K., Ulmer, K. A., Wagner, S. R., Alexander, J., Chaves, J., Cheng, Y., Chu, J., Datta, A., Mcdermott, K., Mirman, N., Patterson, J. R., Quach, D., Rinkevicius, A., Ryd, A., Skinnari, L., Soffi, L., Tan, S. M., Tao, Z., Thom, J., Tucker, J., Wittich, P., Zientek, M., Abdullin, S., Albrow, M., Alyari, M., Apollinari, G., Apresyan, A., Apyan, A., Bauerdick, L. A. T., Beretvas, A., Berryhill, J., Bhat, P. C., Burkett, K., Butler, J. N., Canepa, A., Cerati, G. B., Cheung, H. W. K., Chlebana, F., Cremonesi, M., Duarte, J., Elvira, V. D., Freeman, J., Gecse, Z., Gottschalk, E., Gray, L., Green, D., Grünendahl, S., Gutsche, O., Hanlon, J., Harris, R. M., Hasegawa, S., Hirschauer, J., Hu, Z., Jayatilaka, B., Jindariani, S., Johnson, M., Joshi, U., Klima, B., Kortelainen, M. J., Kreis, B., Lammel, S., Lincoln, D., Lipton, R., Liu, M., Liu, T., Lykken, J., Maeshima, K., Marraffino, J. M., Mason, D., McBride, P., Merkel, P., Mrenna, S., Nahn, S., O'Dell, V., Pedro, K., Pena, C., Prokofyev, O., Rakness, G., Ristori, L., Savoy-Navarro, A., Schneider, B., Sexton-Kennedy, E., Soha, A., Spalding, W. J., Spiegel, L., Stoynev, S., Strait, J., Strobbe, N., Taylor, L., Tkaczyk, S., Tran, N. V., Uplegger, L., Vaandering, E. W., Vernieri, C., Verzocchi, M., Vidal, R., Wang, M., Weber, H. A., Whitbeck, A., Acosta, D., Avery, P., Bortignon, P., Bourilkov, D., Brinkerhoff, A., Cadamuro, L., Carnes, A., Carver, M., Curry, D., Field, R. D., Gleyzer, S. V., Joshi, B. M., Konigsberg, J., Korytov, A., Lo, K. H., Ma, P., Matchev, K., Mei, H., Mitselmakher, G., Rosenzweig, D., Shi, K., Sperka, D., Wang, J., Zuo, X., Joshi, Y. R., Linn, S., Ackert, A., Adams, T., Askew, A., Hagopian, S., Hagopian, V., Johnson, K. F., Kolberg, T., Martinez, G., Perry, T., Prosper, H., Saha, A., Schiber, C., Yohay, R., Baarmand, M. M., Bhopatkar, V., Colafranceschi, S., Hohlmann, M., Noonan, D., Rahmani, M., Roy, T., Yumiceva, F., Adams, M. R., Apanasevich, L., Berry, D., Betts, R. R., Cavanaugh, R., Chen, X., Dittmer, S., Evdokimov, O., Gerber, C. E., Hangal, D. A., Hofman, D. J., Jung, K., Kamin, J., Mills, C., Sandoval Gonzalez, I. D., Tonjes, M. B., Trauger, H., Varelas, N., Wang, H., Wang, X., Wu, Z., Zhang, J., Alhusseini, M., Bilki, B., Clarida, W., Dilsiz, K., Durgut, S., Gandrajula, R. P., Haytmyradov, M., Khristenko, V., Merlo, J. P., Mestvirishvili, A., Moeller, A., Nachtman, J., Ogul, H., Onel, Y., Ozok, F., Penzo, A., Snyder, C., Tiras, E., Wetzel, J., Blumenfeld, B., Cocoros, A., Eminizer, N., Fehling, D., Feng, L., Gritsan, A. V., Hung, W. 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Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
distribution functions

Offering authors a choice: Introduction of optional double-blind peer review

McNeill, K., Novak, P. J. & Vikesland, P. J., Jan 2020, In : Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology. 6, 1, p. 10-11 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalEditorial

1 Citation (Scopus)

O-GlcNAcase targets pyruvate kinase M2 to regulate tumor growth

Singh, J. P., Qian, K., Lee, J. S., Zhou, J., Han, X., Zhang, B., Ong, Q., Ni, W., Jiang, M., Ruan, H. B., Li, M. D., Zhang, K., Ding, Z., Lee, P., Singh, K., Wu, J., Herzog, R. I., Kaech, S., Wendel, H. G., Yates, J. R. & 4 others, Han, W., Sherwin, R. S., Nie, Y. & Yang, X., Jan 16 2020, In : Oncogene. 39, 3, p. 560-573 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Pyruvate Kinase

Online social support among breast cancer patients: longitudinal changes to Facebook use following breast cancer diagnosis and transition off therapy

Mikal, J. P., Beckstrand, M. J., Parks, E., Oyenuga, M., Odebunmi, T., Okedele, O., Uchino, B. & Horvath, K., Jan 1 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Cancer Survivorship.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Social Support
Breast Neoplasms
Social Stigma

On the concentration differences between PM2.5 FEM monitors and FRM samplers

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Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

ambient air
relative humidity

On the multiplicity of self-similar solutions of the semilinear heat equation

Poláčik, P. & Quittner, P., Feb 2020, In : Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications. 191, 111639.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Semilinear Heat Equation
Self-similar Solutions
Positive Radial Solutions
Parabolic Equation

On the optimality of financial repression

Chari, V. V., Dovis, A. & Kehoe, P. J., Jan 1 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Political Economy.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Financial repression

On the regularity and stability of the dual-phase-lag equation

Liu, Z., Quintanilla, R. & Wang, Y., Feb 2020, In : Applied Mathematics Letters. 100, 106038.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Asymptotic stability
Spectrum analysis
Partial differential equations
1 Citation (Scopus)

Open questions on the nature of parkinson's disease: From triggers to spreading pathology

Mou, L., Ding, W. & Fernandez-Funez, P., Feb 1 2020, In : Journal of medical genetics. 57, 2, p. 73-81 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Parkinson Disease
Parkinsonian Disorders
Olfactory Mucosa

Optimal stomatal drought response shaped by competition for water and hydraulic risk can explain plant trait covariation

Lu, Y., Duursma, R. A., Farrior, C. E., Medlyn, B. E. & Feng, X., Feb 1 2020, In : New Phytologist. 225, 3, p. 1206-1217 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

fluid mechanics

Optimizing Integrated Electrode Design for Irreversible Electroporation of Implanted Polymer Scaffolds

Pelaez, F., Shao, Q., Ranjbartehrani, P., Lam, T., Lee, H. R., O’Flanagan, S., Silbaugh, A., Bischof, J. C. & Azarin, S. M., Jan 1 2020, (Accepted/In press) In : Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Electric fields

OPTN/SRTR 2018 Annual Data Report: Liver

Kwong, A., Kim, W. R., Lake, J. R., Smith, J. M., Schladt, D. P., Skeans, M. A., Noreen, S. M., Foutz, J., Miller, E., Snyder, J. J., Israni, A. K. & Kasiske, B. L., Jan 1 2020, In : American Journal of Transplantation. 20, s1, p. 193-299 107 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Annual Reports
End Stage Liver Disease
Graft Survival

OPTN/SRTR 2018 Annual Data Report: Hepatitis C

Wang, J. H., Gustafson, S. K., Skeans, M. A., Lake, J. R., Kim, W. R., Kasiske, B. L., Israni, A. K. & Hart, A., Jan 1 2020, In : American Journal of Transplantation. 20, s1, p. 542-568 27 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Annual Reports
Hepatitis C
Tissue Donors

OPTN/SRTR 2018 Annual Data Report: Pancreas

Kandaswamy, R., Stock, P. G., Gustafson, S. K., Skeans, M. A., Urban, R., Fox, A., Israni, A. K., Snyder, J. J. & Kasiske, B. L., Jan 1 2020, In : American Journal of Transplantation. 20, s1, p. 131-192 62 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Annual Reports
Tissue and Organ Procurement

Orexin/hypocretinin in multiple sclerosis and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Pallais, J., Kotz, C. & Stanojlovic, M., Jun 1 2020, In : Neural Regeneration Research. 15, 6, p. 1039-1040 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Open Access

Ornithine decarboxylase inhibition downregulates multiple pathways involved in the formation of precancerous lesions of esophageal squamous cell cancer

Xie, Y., Dong, C. D., Wu, Q., Jiang, Y., Yao, K., Zhang, J., Zhao, S., Ren, Y., Yuan, Q., Chen, X., Liu, Z., Zhao, J. & Liu, K., Feb 1 2020, In : Molecular Carcinogenesis. 59, 2, p. 215-226 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Squamous Cell Neoplasms
Ornithine Decarboxylase
70-kDa Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinases
Esophageal Neoplasms

Outcomes in children undergoing posterior fossa decompression and duraplasty with and without tonsillar reduction for Chiari malformation type i and syringomyelia: A pilot prospective multicenter cohort study

Koueik, J., Sandoval-Garcia, C., Kestle, J. R. W., Rocque, B. G., Frim, D. M., Grant, G. A., Keating, R. F., Muh, C. R., Jerry Oakes, W., Pollack, I. F., Selden, N. R., Tubbs, R. S., Tuite, G. F., Warf, B., Rajamanickam, V., Broman, A. T., Haughton, V., Rebsamen, S., George, T. M. & Iskandar, B. J., Jan 1 2020, In : Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. 25, 1, p. 21-29 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Arnold-Chiari Malformation
Multicenter Studies

Outcomes research on children with medical complexity: A scoping review of gaps and opportunities

Looman, W. S., Park, Y. S., Gallagher, T. T. & Weinfurter, E. V., Jan 1 2020, In : Child: Care, Health and Development. 46, 1, p. 121-131 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Outcome Assessment (Health Care)
Information Storage and Retrieval
Information Systems

Parameterized complexity analysis of randomized search heuristics

Neumann, F. & Sutton, A. M., Jan 1 2020, Natural Computing Series. Springer, p. 213-248 36 p. (Natural Computing Series).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

Parameterized Complexity
Complexity Analysis
Heuristic Search
Combinatorial optimization
Evolutionary algorithms