Programmable Freezer for Improving the Winter Survival of Perennial Crops

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We are requesting funding for a new programmable freezer to replace our current freezer. The current freezer is several decades old and beginning to be unreliable. Our research programs have shown leadership in the development of winter hardy crops for perennial systems in Minnesota and other areas with similar cold climates. If funded, this request will benefit programs in the selection and development of winter hardy germplasm in leguminous cover crops, perennial flax, winter barley, and perennial ryegrass. Each of these crops can make significant positive contributions to Minnesota agriculture. It is critical that we maintain our leadership in this area through new and modern equipment. We have been successful in obtaining state and federal grants for our research programs, and a new freezer will help enable us to continue on this path.
Effective start/end date1/1/1712/31/17


  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture


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