OFR21-04, Compilation Geologic Model for St. Louis River Watershed: A Pilot Project

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This report is a summary of year one of a two-year pilot project conducted by the Minnesota Geological Survey for the Minnesota Department of Health Groundwater Restoration and Protection Strategies (GRAPS) program designed to support watershed planning efforts in the St. Louis River Watershed. Our goal was to provide a compilation of both surface and subsurface geologic data within selected Board of Water and Soil Resources One Watershed One Plan boundaries in a format suitable for both modelers and the general public. Seamless geologic products provided within the watershed are based on a compilation of previously published MGS maps along with new mapping where necessary. Compilation methods and limitations associated with the subsurface modeling processes are described in the report. These products were transferred into web-based 3D models so they could be readily visualized and used outside of a GIS environment by water planners, other state agencies involved in the GRAPS process, and the public. The 3D model is available online at https://arcg.is/1mbDPC.
Effective start/end date6/1/206/1/21


  • 3D
  • modeling
  • mapping
  • surficial
  • Quaternary
  • bedrock
  • St. Louis
  • river
  • Minnesota


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