Grand Challenges Research Awards: Phase 1

    Project: Grand Challenges

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    Provost Karen Hanson in fall 2016 announced grants to 29 interdisciplinary teams of faculty as the culmination of Phase 1 of the Grand Challenges Research Initiative. The grants advance the research goals of Driving Tomorrow, the TC Campus Strategic Plan.

    These initial Driving Tomorrow research investments total $3.6 million, including $1.48 million for 21 exploratory research grants and $2.15 million for 8 collaborations shaped by interdisciplinary work groups convened to build on the earlier GC Research "Call for Ideas" process.

    The 29 funded Driving Tomorrow research collaborations address the University's five interrelated Grand Challenges areas of special focus, with one integrative initiative spanning multiple areas. The areas of focus are wide-ranging—e.g., high-tech strategies to mitigate water pollution, understanding the human stories behind the global immigration crisis, and precision medicine to fight cancer.

    The investments are one milestone in advancing Strategic Plan recommendations to seed and support interdisciplinary research addressing Grand Challenges through a bottom-up, faculty-driven process. They are a culmination of a multi-tiered research grants process launched in early 2016 as Phase 1 of the Provost's Grand Challenges Research Initiative.
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