Development of a clinical precision medicine program in ovarian cancer as a paradigm for 21st-century tailored healthcare solution

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A key barrier to developing better treatments for ovarian cancer, the deadliest of all female malignancies, is the ability to stratify the disease into clinically meaningful subtypes. This in part explains why the current therapeutic regimen for treating ovarian cancer has had such a low success rate; we are treating a heterogeneous collection of tumors with a “one size fits all” regimen. Despite significant progress in genomics and disease biology, ovarian cancer has not yet moved into the arena of precision medicine. The aim is to integrate comprehensive genomic platforms into a coherent structure and develop a tool to stratify ovarian cancers into specific biological subtypes. We are proposing to prospectively enroll ovarian cancer patients and stratify them into molecular subtypes to develop a precision medicine program to individualize treatment. This universal clinical precision medicine platform can then be applied to other cancers and disease processes.
Effective start/end date1/1/171/31/19


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