Assessing interventions for justice and equity

Project: Grand Challenges

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Gaps in opportunity emerge early in life, are interlinked, are strongly influenced by racial segregation in neighborhoods and schools, and have profound effects into adulthood. Closing these gaps is crucial to building just and equitable communities. This interdisciplinary project probes Minnesota’s most ambitious efforts to redress racial and class inequality. Building on the strengths of the state’s integrated data systems and outstanding University scholars from six disciplines, it tackles the grand challenge of stubborn inequalities in education, health, transportation, employment, and safety. Our aims are to (1) evaluate the effects of programs designed to close opportunity gaps and promote healthy youth-to-adult transitions among Minnesota youth and (2) to investigate for whom these programs are most effective. More specifically, this mixed-methods study will conduct rigorous evaluations of specific programs, in the areas of both education and housing, that pursue different approaches, and are inspired by different philosophies of social change.
Effective start/end date1/1/171/31/19


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