Art of healing: Embodied storytelling as resistance and practice

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The project is a multifaceted investigation and mapping of the conditions that make it possible for women and girls of color to stand up in resistance to structural violence, and the kind of healing that becomes possible in such situations. It will also archive the narrative and embodied responses of girls and women across multiple media so that (a) we can inquire into how such research might shape the disciplines in which we work, and (b) we can build on this project in collaboration with other communities and organizations. Art of Healing brings together perspectives from Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies; Psychiatry and Family Medicine; Dance; Communication Studies; Interior Design; and Social Work to produce an embodied, social justice agenda for research—focused on how healing and resistance is fostered and sustained by women and girls from global and U.S. communities of color.
Effective start/end date1/1/171/31/19


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