2019 Visiting Professor Program Immersion and Fellowship program

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


The VPP is a one week fellowship for professors who teach advertising, marketing, communications and related liberal arts subjects. It gives professors the chance to spend time at an agency, client or media company to witness the advertising process from the inside. Professors are placed according to their particular area of interest and/or research and fit within an agency. It is a unique opportunity for the professors who have little or no industry experience. Professors return to the classroom with a better understanding of the industry. When professors have this experience, their students become critical thinkers and are much better prepared for the industry. Based on feedback shared with us from host agencies/companies and professors, the VPP is a hugely fulfilling two-way street. Hosts often report that they benefit from the professor’s research and some professors have referred to the VPP as the best experience of their academic lives. The VPP is truly a win-win for the professor and his/her host.
Granting OrganizationsANA Educational Foundation