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Working paper

Crystalline nodal topological superconductivity in monolayer NbSe$_{2}$

Shaffer, D., Kang, J., Burnell, F. J. & Fernandes, R. M., 2019, (Submitted) (npj Quantum Materials).

Research output: Working paper

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Long Shadow of Racial Discrimination: Evidence from Housing Covenants of Minneapolis

Sood, A., Speagle, W. & Ehrman-Solberg, K., Oct 22 2019.

Research output: Working paper

Empowerment is a Community Affair: Community Level Determinants of Married Women’s Empowerment in Egypt

Assaad, R. A., Nazier, H. & Ramadan, R., Oct 25 2017, (Economic Research Forum, WP; no. 959, 2015).

Research output: Working paper

Individual and Households Determinants of Women Empowerment: Application to the Case of Egypt

Assaad, R. A., Nazier, H. & Ramadan, R., Oct 25 2017, (Economic Research Forum, Nov. 2014, Working Paper 867).

Research output: Working paper


Cloquet Forestry Center Continuous Forest Inventory Update for 2014

Shrestha, M., Wilson, D. C., Zobel, J. & Ek, A. R., Dec 31 2016, 243 ed., 53 p. (Staff Paper Series; no. 243).

Research output: Working paper

Restoration of the 1936 statewide forest survey of Minnesota: Data description and comparisons with 2014 forest conditions

Flanary, M., Anderson, B., Wilson, D. C. & Ek, A. R., Sep 30 2016, 241 ed., Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, 44 p. (Staff Paper Series; no. 241).

Research output: Working paper


Empowerment is a Community Affair: Community Level Determinants of Married Women's Empowerment in Egypt

Assaad, R., Nazier, H. & Ramadan, R., 2015, p. 29-57, 29 p. (Empowerment is a Community Affair: Community Level Determinants of Married Women's Empowerment in Egypt).

Research output: Working paper


Forest Age Class Change Simulator (FACCS): A spreadsheet-based model for estimation of forest change and biomass availability

Wilson, D. C., Domke, G. & Ek, A. R., Feb 23 2014, 228 ed., 28 p. (Staff Paper Series; no. 228).

Research output: Working paper


Abstractions in Decision Procedures for Algebraic Data Types

Pham, T-H. & Whalen, M. W., 2013.

Research output: Working paper

Efficient Test Coverage Measurement for MC/DC

Whalen, M. W., Heimdahl, M. P. E. & De Silva, I. J., 2013.

Research output: Working paper

Employment Trend by Age in the United States: Why Are Older Workers Different?

Banerjee, S. & Blau, D., 2013, p. 57-113, 57 p. (Michigan Retirement Research Center).

Research output: Working paper

Methodological challenges in studying the impact of domestic violence on children's human capital: an application to Colombia

Assaad, R., Friedemann-Sánchez, G. & Levison, D., 2013, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota eBook, 57 p. (Working paper (Minnesota Population Center); vol. 2013-08).

Research output: Working paper


Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group 2011-2012 Report

Burroughs, J., Brooks, K., Boudewyns, D., Chew, C. N., Marcus, C., Marsh, L., Moss, R., Roy, J. & Spicer, S., 2012.

Research output: Working paper

Open Access
Open Access

Alex Vallauri: Graffiti

Sandler, D. & Spinelli, J., 2010, 978-85-7850-046-7 ed., p. 244.

Research output: Working paper

Oscar Niemeyer: An Architecture of Seduction

Sandler, D. & Corrêa do Lago, A., 2010, p. 128.

Research output: Working paper


Measuring and operationalizing job quality in Egypt

Assaad, R., Roushday, R. & Rashed, A., 2009, Cairo, Egypt: Population Council, West Asia and North Africa, 51 p. (Gender and work in the MENA region working paper series; vol. no. 1).

Research output: Working paper

Ricardo Legorreta: Constructed Dreams

Sandler, D., 2009, p. 176.

Research output: Working paper

Youth exclusion in Yemen: tackling the twin deficits of human development and natural resources

Assaad, R., 2009, Washington, DC: Wolfensohn Center for Development, 53 p. (Middle East youth initiative working paper; vol. no. 9).

Research output: Working paper


Isay Weinfeld

Sandler, D. & Barreneche, R., 2008, p. 336.

Research output: Working paper

Managing from a landscape perspective: A Guide for Integrating Forest Interior Bird Habitat Considerations and Forest Management Planning in the Driftless Area of the Upper Mississippi River Basin, Version 1.1

Wilson, D. C., Hannah Texler, Jaime Edwards, Bruce Ehrsman, Marlene Ehrsman, Jon Stravers, Ric Zarwell, John Nielsen, Bill Carlson, Brad Hutnik, Joe Kovach, Michael Mossman, Yoyi Steele, Andy Paulios, Ann Pierce, Melinda Knutson & Tex Hawkins, Sep 30 2008, 1.1 ed., Driftless Area Initiative, 54 p.

Research output: Working paper

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The New Architecture of the Sun and Wind

Guzowski, M., 2008, (AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Sustainable Design Whitepapers).

Research output: Working paper


Drawing Statistical Inferences from Historical Census Data

Oakes, J. M., Ruggles, S. J., Davern, M. E. & Swenson, T. C., 2007, (Minnesota Population Center Working Paper Series).

Research output: Working paper

Youth exclusion in Egypt: in search of "second chances"

Assaad, R. & Barsoum, G. F., 2007, Washington, DC: Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution, 43 p. (Working paper (Middle East Youth Initiative); vol. no. 2).

Research output: Working paper


Project C3: Connecting Youth with Communities and Careers Year 2 process evaluation

Hill, K., McEathron, M. & Fields, J., 2006.

Research output: Working paper


Automated generalization of historical US Census units

Schroeder, J. P., Galanda, M., McMaster, R. B. & Koehnen, R., 2005.

Research output: Working paper

Expensed and Sweat Equity

Prescott, E. C. & McGrattan, E. R., 2005, p. 43-85, 43 p. (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Working Paper).

Research output: Working paper


Between Adolescence and Adulthood: Expectations about the Timing of Adulthood

Kennedy, S., Rumbaut, R. G., Settersten Jr., R. A., Furstenberg Jr., F. F. & McLoyd, V. C., 2004, p. 22-43, 22 p. (Network on Transitions to Adulthood and Public Policy, Research Network Working Paper).

Research output: Working paper

The Effects of Interruptions on Task Performance, Annoyance, and Anxiety in the User Interface

Bailey, B. P., Carlis, J. V. & Konstan, J. A., 2004.

Research output: Working paper

Transforming school counseling: A report on early evaluation findings

Seashore, K. R., Jones, L. M., Seppanen, P. S. W. A., M., B., H., G., L., H., J., K., M., M., V., M., E., R. & J. & Schleisman, J., 2001.

Research output: Working paper


Why is informality a useful analytical category for understand social networks and institutions?

Assaad, R., Zhou, Y. & Razzaz, O. M., 1997, Minneapolis, MN: MacArthur Program, Institute of International Studies, University of Minnesota, 21 p. (MacArthur Consortium working paper series).

Research output: Working paper


Costs of Owning a Mobile Home

Angell, W. J., 1973, Saint Paul, MN: University of Minnesota. Agricultural Extension Service, (Extension Folder: 287,1973).

Research output: Working paper

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Balancing Your Housing Needs and Resources

Angell, W. J., 1972, Saint Paul, MN, (Extension Folder;267,1972).

Research output: Working paper