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Dynamic network targeting for closed-loop deep brain stimulation

Herman, A. B. & Widge, A. S., Jan 1 2019, In : Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. 44, 1, p. 219-220 2 p.

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Deep Brain Stimulation

A Comparison of Matrix Smoothing Algorithms

Kracht, J. & Waller, N. G., Jan 2 2018, In : Multivariate Behavioral Research. 53, 1, p. 136-137 2 p.

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Smoothing Algorithm

Advancing learning to advance pharmacy practice

Rouse, M. J., Trewet, C. L. B. & Janke, K. K., Mar 1 2018, In : Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 58, 2, p. 151-155 5 p.

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Health care
Delivery of Health Care

A howling cause of pancytopenia

Casciato, A., Lind, C., Olson, A. P., Binstadt, B. A. & Davis, A. M., Mar 1 2018, In : Journal of Hospital Medicine. 13, 3, p. 205-209 5 p.

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Alopecia Areata: The Clinical Situation

Hordinsky, M. K., Jan 1 2018, In : Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings. 19, 1, p. S9-S11

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Alopecia Areata
Hair Diseases
United States Food and Drug Administration
Waste treatment
World Wide Web
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Cerebral Palsy
Premature Infants

Anteromedial arytenoid subluxation due to severe cough

Cho, R. J., Zamora, F. & Dincer, H. E., Jan 1 2018, In : Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology. 25, 1, p. 57-59 3 p.

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Environmental Microbiology
world wide web
World Wide Web
antibiotic resistance

A Rare Cause of a Left Abdominal Liver Mass

Ashhab, A. A., Singh, D. & Debes, J. D., Jul 1 2018, In : Gastroenterology. 155, 1, p. e12-e13

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Are rapid group B streptococcus (GBS) tests accurate in determining GBS colonization status in laboring women?

Justesen, K. G. & Miller, L., Jul 1 2018, In : Evidence-Based Practice. 21, 7, p. E7

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Streptococcus agalactiae

Arf1 and ER-mitochondrial tethering – a new trick for an old dog

Davis, D., Jun 1 2018, In : FEBS Journal. 285, 11, p. 1985-1987 3 p.

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Arthritis gene therapy is becoming a reality

Evans, C. H., Ghivizzani, S. C. & Robbins, P. D., Jul 1 2018, In : Nature Reviews Rheumatology. 14, 7, p. 381-382 2 p.

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Genetic Therapy

Back to the dentate: Network changes of early- and late- born dentate granule cells

Zeidler, Z. & Krook-Magnuson, E., Jan 1 2018, In : Epilepsy Currents. 18, 1, p. 49-50 2 p.

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C. elegans germline cell death, live!

Huelgas Morales, G. & Greenstein, D. I., Jul 1 2018, In : PLoS Genetics. 14, 7, e1007425.

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cell death
germ cells
Cell Death

Capacity, vulnerability, and informed consent for research

Biros, M. H., Jan 1 2018, In : Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics. 46, 1, p. 72-78 7 p.

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Informed Consent

Career-Focused Mentoring for Early-Career Clinician Educators in Academic General Internal Medicine

Kirsch, J. D., Duran, A., Kaizer, A. M., Thompson Buum, H. A., Robiner, W. N. & Weber-Main, A. M., Nov 1 2018, In : American Journal of Medicine. 131, 11, p. 1387-1394 8 p.

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Internal Medicine
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Cognitive Computational Neuroscience: A New Conference for an Emerging Discipline

Naselaris, T., Bassett, D. S., Fletcher, A. K., Kording, K., Kriegeskorte, N., Nienborg, H., Poldrack, R. A., Shohamy, D. & Kay, K. N., May 1 2018, In : Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 22, 5, p. 365-367 3 p.

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Cognitive Science
Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive Neuroscience
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Collaborative research among academia, business, and government

Chapman, P. M., Brain, R. A., Belden, J. B., Forbes, V. E., Mebane, C. A., Hoke, R. A., Ankley, G. T. & Solomon, K. R., Jan 1 2018, In : Integrated environmental assessment and management. 14, 1, p. 152-154 3 p.

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Chari, V. V., Jan 1 2018, In : NBER Macroeconomics Annual. 32, 1, p. 527-536 10 p.

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Co-opting of by patient-funded studies

Wagner, D. E., Turner, L., Panoskaltsis-Mortari, A., Weiss, D. J. & Ikonomou, L., Aug 1 2018, In : The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 6, 8, p. 579-581 3 p.

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Correction: Genome-wide discovery and characterization of maize long non-coding RNAs [Genome Biol., 15, (2014) (R40)] DOI: 10.1186/gb-2014-15-2-r40

Li, L., Eichten, S. R., Shimizu, R., Petsch, K., Yeh, C. T., Wu, W., Chettoor, A. M., Givan, S. A., Cole, R. A., Fowler, J. E., Evans, M. M. S., Scanlon, M. J., Yu, J., Schnable, P. S., Timmermans, M. C. P., Springer, N. M. & Muehlbauer, G. J., Aug 23 2018, In : Genome biology. 19, 1, 122.

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Allura Red AC Dye
Long Noncoding RNA
additive effect
Zea mays
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

Correction: RhoC maintains vascular homeostasis by regulating VEGF-induced signaling in endothelial cells [J. Cell Sci., 128, (3556-3568)] doi:10.1242/jcs.167601

Hoeppner, L. H., Sinha, S., Wang, Y., Bhattacharya, R., Dutta, S., Gong, X., Bedell, V. M., Suresh, S., Chun, C., Ramchandran, R., Ekker, S. C. & Mukhopadhyay, D., Mar 1 2018, In : Journal of cell science. 131, 6, jcs217604.

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Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Blood Vessels
Endothelial Cells

Correction: In situ plasma-assisted atmospheric nitrogen fixation using water and spray-type jet plasma(Chemical Communications (2018) 54 (2886–2889) DOI: 10.1039/C8CC00697K)

Peng, P., Chen, P. L., Addy, M. M., Cheng, Y., Zhang, Y., Anderson, E., Zhou, N., Schiappacasse, C., Hatzenbeller, R., Fan, L., Liu, S., Chen, D., Liu, J., Liu, Y. & Ruan, R. R., Jan 1 2018, In : Chemical Communications. 54, 89, 1 p.

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Nitrogen fixation
Plasma jets

Correction: The transcriptome landscape of early maize meiosis [BMC Plant Biol., 14 (2014)(118)] DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-14-118

Dukowic-Schulze, S., Sundararajan, A., Mudge, J., Ramaraj, T., Farmer, A. D., Wang, M., Sun, Q., Pillardy, J., Kianian, S., Retzel, E. F., Pawlowski, W. P. & Chen, C., Jan 15 2018, In : BMC plant biology. 18, 1, 12.

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Science Education
Mathematics Education

Correction to: Medical School Factors Associated with Changes in Implicit and Explicit Bias Against Gay and Lesbian People among 3492 Graduating Medical Students (Journal of General Internal Medicine, (2017), 32, 11, (1193-1201), 10.1007/s11606-017-4127-6)

Phelan, S. M., Burke, S. E., Hardeman, R. R., White, R. O., Przedworski, J. M., Dovidio, J. F., Perry, S. P., Plankey, M. W., Cunningham, B. A., Finstad, D. A., Yeazel, M. W. & van Ryn, M., Sep 1 2018, In : Journal of general internal medicine. 33, 9, 1 p.

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Internal Medicine
Medical Schools
Medical Students
Sexual Minorities

Correction to: Organic phosphorus in the terrestrial environment: a perspective on the state of the art and future priorities (Plant and Soil, (2018), 427, 1-2, (191-208), 10.1007/s11104-017-3391-x)

George, T. S., Giles, C. D., Menezes-Blackburn, D., Condron, L. M., Gama-Rodrigues, A. C., Jaisi, D., Lang, F., Neal, A. L., Stutter, M. I., Almeida, D. S., Bol, R., Cabugao, K. G., Celi, L., Cotner, J. B., Feng, G., Goll, D. S., Hallama, M., Krueger, J., Plassard, C., Rosling, A. & 30 othersDarch, T., Fraser, T., Giesler, R., Richardson, A. E., Tamburini, F., Shand, C. A., Lumsdon, D. G., Zhang, H., Blackwell, M. S. A., Wearing, C., Mezeli, M. M., Almås, R., Audette, Y., Bertrand, I., Beyhaut, E., Boitt, G., Bradshaw, N., Brearley, C. A., Bruulsema, T. W., Ciais, P., Cozzolino, V., Duran, P. C., Mora, M. L., de Menezes, A. B., Dodd, R. J., Dunfield, K., Engl, C., Frazão, J. J., Garland, G. & González Jiménez, J. L., Jun 1 2018, In : Plant and Soil. 427, 1-2, p. 209-211 3 p.

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organic phosphorus
terrestrial environment
state of the art
Science Education
Mathematics Education

Correction to: Consequences of Grafting Density on Linear Viscoelastic Behavior of Graft Polymers (ACS Macro Letters (2018) 7:5 (525-530) DOI: 10.1021/acsmacrolett.8b00116)

Haugan, I. N., Maher, M. J., Chang, A. B., Lin, T. P., Grubbs, R. H., Hillmyer, M. A. & Bates, F. S., Aug 21 2018, In : ACS Macro Letters. 7, 8, 1 p.

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Graft copolymers

Correction to: Percutaneous Creation of a Central Iliac Arteriovenous Anastomosis for the Treatment of Arterial Hypertension (Current Hypertension Reports, (2018), 20, 3, (18), 10.1007/s11906-018-0816-8)

Bertog, S. C., Sobotka, N. A., Sobotka, P. A., Lobo, M. D., Sievert, K., Vaskelyte, L., Sievert, H. & Schmieder, R. E., Mar 1 2018, In : Current Hypertension Reports. 20, 3, 27.

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Arteriovenous Anastomosis

Correction to: Background invertebrate herbivory on dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa-nana complex) increases with temperature and precipitation across the tundra biome (Polar Biology, (2017), 40, 11, (2265-2278), 10.1007/s00300-017-2139-7)

Barrio, I. C., Lindén, E., Te Beest, M., Olofsson, J., Rocha, A., Soininen, E. M., Alatalo, J. M., Andersson, T., Asmus, A., Boike, J., Bråthen, K. A., Bryant, J. P., Buchwal, A., Bueno, C. G., Christie, K. S., Denisova, Y. V., Egelkraut, D., Ehrich, D., Fishback, L. A., Forbes, B. C. & 40 othersGartzia, M., Grogan, P., Hallinger, M., Heijmans, M. M. P. D., Hik, D. S., Hofgaard, A., Holmgren, M., Høye, T. T., Huebner, D. C., Jónsdóttir, I. S., Kaarlejärvi, E., Kumpula, T., Lange, C. Y. M. J. G., Lange, J., Lévesque, E., Limpens, J., Macias-Fauria, M., Myers-Smith, I., van Nieukerken, E. J., Normand, S., Post, E. S., Schmidt, N. M., Sitters, J., Skoracka, A., Sokolov, A., Sokolova, N., Speed, J. D. M., Street, L. E., Sundqvist, M. K., Suominen, O., Tananaev, N., Tremblay, J. P., Urbanowicz, C., Uvarov, S. A., Watts, D., Wilmking, M., Wookey, P. A., Zimmermann, H. H., Zverev, V. & Kozlov, M. V., Aug 1 2018, In : Polar Biology. 41, 8, p. 1653-1654 2 p.

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Betula glandulosa

Correction to: Cerebellar Modules and Their Role as Operational Cerebellar Processing Units (The Cerebellum, (2018), 17, 5, (654-682), 10.1007/s12311-018-0952-3)

Apps, R., Hawkes, R., Aoki, S., Bengtsson, F., Brown, A. M., Chen, G., Ebner, T. J., Isope, P., Jörntell, H., Lackey, E. P., Lawrenson, C., Lumb, B., Schonewille, M., Sillitoe, R. V., Spaeth, L., Sugihara, I., Valera, A., Voogd, J., Wylie, D. R. & Ruigrok, T. J. H., Oct 1 2018, In : Cerebellum. 17, 5, p. 683-684 2 p.

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Venous Thromboembolism
Medical Genetics
Random Allocation

Correction to: Mapping adult plant stem rust resistance in barley accessions Hietpas-5 and GAW-79 (Theoretical and Applied Genetics, (2018), 131, 10, (2245-2266), 10.1007/s00122-018-3149-8)

Case, A. J., Bhavani, S., Macharia, G., Pretorius, Z., Coetzee, V., Kloppers, F., Tyagi, P., Brown-Guedira, G. & Steffenson, B. J., Oct 1 2018, In : Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 131, 10, 1 p.

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Plant Stems
stem rust
mature plants

Corrigendum: SQANTI: Extensive characterization of long-read transcript sequences for quality control in full-length transcriptome identification and quantification (Genome Research (2018) 28 (396-411) DOI: 10.1101/gr.222976.117)

Tardaguila, M., De La Fuente, L., Marti, C., Pereira, C., Pardo-Palacios, F. J., Del Risco, H., Ferrell, M., Mellado, M., Macchietto, M., Verheggen, K., Edelmann, M., Ezkurdia, I., Vazquez, J., Tress, M., Mortazavi, A., Martens, L., Rodriguez-Navarro, S., Moreno-Manzano, V. & Conesa, A., Mar 1 2018, In : Genome research. 28, 7, 1 p.

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Organized Financing
European Union
Quality Control
Tumor Microenvironment
Hyaluronic Acid
Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts
Helicobacter pylori

Corrigendum: Multi-modal brain MRI in subjects with PD and iRBD [Front. Neurosci, 11, (2017) (709)] DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2017.00709

Mangia, S., Svatkova, A., Mascali, D., Nissi, M. J., Burton, P. C., Bednarik, P., Auerbach, E. J., Giove, F., Eberly, L. E., Howell, M. J., Nestrasil, I., Tuite, P. J. & Michaeli, S., Jun 26 2018, In : Frontiers in Neuroscience. 12, JUN, 446.

Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debate


Corrigendum to: Nanoscale Control of Homoepitaxial Growth on a Two-Dimensional Zeolite (Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2017), 56, 2, (535-539), 10.1002/anie.201607063)

Shete, M., Kumar, M., Kim, D., Rangnekar, N., Xu, D., Topuz, B., Agrawal, K. V., Karapetrova, E., Stottrup, B., Al-Thabaiti, S., Basahel, S., Narasimharao, K., Rimer, J. D. & Tsapatsis, M., Jan 22 2018, In : Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 57, 4, 1 p.

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Corrigendum to: Landscape effects on reproduction of euschistus servus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), a mobile, polyphagous, multivoltine arthropod herbivore (Environmental Entomology (2018) DOI: 10.1093/ee/nvy045)

Olson, D. M., Prescott, K. R., Zeilinger, A. R., Hou, S., Coffin, A. W., Smith, C. M., Ruberson, J. R. & Andow, D., Jun 6 2018, In : Environmental Entomology. 47, 3, 1 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debate

Euschistus servus
Mossbauer spectroscopy
mid-ocean ridge basalt
1 Citations

Corrigendum to “European contribution to the study of ROS: A summary of the findings and prospects for the future from the COST action BM1203 (EU-ROS)” (Redox Biol. (2017) 13 (94–162)(S2213231717303373)(10.1016/j.redox.2017.05.007))

Egea, J., Fabregat, I., Frapart, Y. M., Ghezzi, P., Görlach, A., Kietzmann, T., Kubaichuk, K., Knaus, U. G., Lopez, M. G., Olaso-Gonzalez, G., Petry, A., Schulz, R., Vina, J., Winyard, P., Abbas, K., Ademowo, O. S., Afonso, C. B., Andreadou, I., Antelmann, H., Antunes, F. & 131 othersAslan, M., Bachschmid, M. M., Barbosa, R. M., Belousov, V., Berndt, C., Bernlohr, D., Bertrán, E., Bindoli, A., Bottari, S. P., Brito, P. M., Carrara, G., Casas, A. I., Chatzi, A., Chondrogianni, N., Conrad, M., Cooke, M. S., Costa, J. G., Cuadrado, A., My-Chan Dang, P., De Smet, B., Debelec-Butuner, B., Dias, I. H. K., Dunn, J. D., Edson, A. J., El Assar, M., El-Benna, J., Ferdinandy, P., Fernandes, A. S., Fladmark, K. E., Förstermann, U., Giniatullin, R., Giricz, Z., Görbe, A., Griffiths, H., Hampl, V., Hanf, A., Herget, J., Hernansanz-Agustín, P., Hillion, M., Huang, J., Ilikay, S., Jansen-Dürr, P., Jaquet, V., Joles, J. A., Kalyanaraman, B., Kaminskyy, D., Karbaschi, M., Kleanthous, M., Klotz, L. O., Korac, B., Korkmaz, K. S., Koziel, R., Kračun, D., Krause, K. H., Křen, V., Krieg, T., Laranjinha, J., Lazou, A., Li, H., Martínez-Ruiz, A., Matsui, R., McBean, G. J., Meredith, S. P., Messens, J., Miguel, V., Mikhed, Y., Milisav, I., Milković, L., Miranda-Vizuete, A., Mojović, M., Monsalve, M., Mouthuy, P. A., Mulvey, J., Münzel, T., Muzykantov, V., Nguyen, I. T. N., Oelze, M., Oliveira, N. G., Palmeira, C. M., Papaevgeniou, N., Pavićević, A., Pedre, B., Peyrot, F., Phylactides, M., Pircalabioru, G. G., Pitt, A. R., Poulsen, H. E., Prieto, I., Rigobello, M. P., Robledinos-Antón, N., Rodríguez-Mañas, L., Rolo, A. P., Rousset, F., Ruskovska, T., Saraiva, N., Sasson, S., Schröder, K., Semen, K., Seredenina, T., Shakirzyanova, A., Smith, G. L., Soldati, T., Sousa, B. C., Spickett, C. M., Stancic, A., Stasia, M. J., Steinbrenner, H., Stepanić, V., Steven, S., Tokatlidis, K., Tuncay, E., Turan, B., Ursini, F., Vacek, J., Vajnerova, O., Valentová, K., Van Breusegem, F., Varisli, L., Veal, E. A., Yalçın, A. S., Yelisyeyeva, O., Žarković, N., Zatloukalová, M., Zielonka, J., Touyz, R. M., Papapetropoulos, A., Grune, T., Lamas, S., Schmidt, H. H. H. W., Di Lisa, F. & Daiber, A., Apr 1 2018, In : Redox Biology. 14, p. 694-696 3 p.

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Corrigendum to “Klinefelter's syndrome (47,XXY) is in excess among men with Sjögren's syndrome” [Clin. Immunol. 168 (2016) 25–29](S1521661616300614)(10.1016/j.clim.2016.04.002)

Harris, V. M., Sharma, R., Cavett, J., Kurien, B. T., Liu, K., Koelsch, K. A., Rasmussen, A., Radfar, L., Lewis, D., Stone, D. U., Kaufman, C. E., Li, S., Segal, B., Wallace, D. J., Weisman, M. H., Venuturupalli, S., Kelly, J. A., Alarcon-Riquelme, M. E., Pons-Estel, B., Jonsson, R. & 29 othersLu, X., Gottenberg, J. E., Anaya, J. M., Cunninghame-Graham, D. S., Huang, A. J. W., Brennan, M. T., Hughes, P., Alevizos, I., Miceli-Richard, C., Keystone, E. C., Bykerk, V. P., Hirschfield, G., Xie, G., Siminovitch, K. A., Ng, W. F., Nordmark, G., Bucher, S. M., Eriksson, P., Omdal, R., Rhodus, N. L., Rischmueller, M., Rohrer, M., Wahren-Herlenius, M., Witte, T., Mariette, X., Lessard, C. J., Harley, J. B., Sivils, K. L. & Scofield, R. H., Feb 1 2018, In : Clinical Immunology. 187, p. 137-138 2 p.

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Klinefelter Syndrome
Sjogren's Syndrome
antibiotic resistance