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Activities 1990 2019


Finding the Haystack: Literacies for Accessing and Using Text as Data

Cody K Hennesy (Speaker), Rachael Samberg (Contributor), Stacy Reardon (Contributor)
Jun 2019

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Creation and use of grey literature across the disciplines

Kristen A Cooper (Speaker), Shannon L Farrell (Speaker), Julie A Kelly (Speaker), Wanda R Marsolek (Speaker), Amy L Riegelman (Contributor)
Apr 11 2019

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Faculty Experiences With Grey Literature: A Mixed Methods Approach

Amy L Riegelman (Speaker), Kristen A Cooper (Speaker), Wanda R Marsolek (Contributor), Shannon L Farrell (Contributor), Julie A Kelly (Contributor)
Oct 11 2018

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Getting to 100%: Reaching Every First Year Student

Jan Fransen (Speaker), Kristen L Mastel (Contributor), Shane A Nackerud (Contributor), Kate Peterson (Contributor), Krista M Soria (Contributor)
Nov 1 2016

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No Legacy: Literatura Electrónica

Cody K Hennesy (Speaker), Claude Potts (Contributor), Aisha Hamilton (Contributor)
Sep 22 2016

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Advancing Innovation: How Libraries Can Support Digital Humanities Scholarship

Jennie M Burroughs (Speaker), Angela Courtney (Speaker)
Apr 12 2013

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Finding yourself: Helping faculty find and fix their author profiles

Jan Fransen (Speaker), Carolyn M Bishoff (Speaker)
Oct 10 2013

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Using what you collect: Library Data and Student Success

Shane A Nackerud (Speaker), Jan Fransen (Contributor)
Oct 29 2012

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Taming the Tempest: An initiative to help users cope with the information flood

Julia A Kelly (Speaker), Kate Brooks (Speaker), Jan Fransen (Speaker)
Mar 31 2011

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