Organization profile

Organization profile

At Experimental Surgical Services, we're experts in designing and conducting the appropriate research to determine the safety and efficacy of your device - and determine if it's ready for regulatory submission. We have 30 years experience in pre-clinical assessment for the medical industry. In fact, we're the industry leader in researching and testing cardiac devices and surgical techniques. We complete over 500 open heart procedures a year and over 1,500 procedures annually.

ESS services include:

  • Methods development/evaluation developing standard procedures for analysis of devices for the medical device industry

  • Feasibility testing

  • Independent Quality Assurance unit for all GLP studies

  • Gross necropsy and/or full histopathological analysis

  • Consulting services with regard to regulatory strategy

ESS is Directed by Richard W. Bianco who has 25 years of experience in the pre-clinical assessment of virtually every animal model. The ESS staff of in-house surgeons can develop or validate your research methods, provide consultation as necessary and offer interpretative and technical support.